How the “new normal” squashed our 6 year anniversary

Cricket is two months old, Sweetie is two-and-a-half years old. This puts a little bit of a damper on our social calendar. Wife is still the food source for Cricket, and Sweetie is a toddler complete with her emotional light switch. With all this, today’s celebration of our sixth wedding anniversary was a bit subdued.

The day opened cloudy and rainy, so the house woke up an hour and a half late. Late and slowly, as everyone was groggy and sleepy. Breakfast and such took until 11:15 when we finally got ourselves into the car to run some errands. Given that we didn’t have any classes or social obligations for the girls, we ran around taking care of shopping that we were not able to do during the week. Exciting start, no?

When we made it home in the late afternoon Sweetie was due for a nap and Cricket was set to eat and snooze as well. Wife and I took care of some clean up around the house, taking advantage of the down time. Dinner was Gale Street Inn ribs (thanks Gramma and Grampa B & B) with our new normal around the table. Sweetie in her booster, Cricket in the bouncer on top, and Wife and I at the sides. It was a quiet celebration, but it was genuine. Next year Cricket will be more sturdy and Sweetie even more manageable. Then wife and I will go out, have a fancy dinner maybe even an adult beverage. So the celebration of our sixth wedding anniversary was low-key this year, but that’s okay. We’re looking forward to celebrating many more.

We'll take it

We’ll take it