Rainbow Cone, the ice cream Voltron

This adventure was one more on Sweetie’s “first time” list. The cool thing is that this was also a first time adventure for me and Wife as well. On a recent warm Chicago Sunday afternoon we were craving a sweet treat. So we loaded los abuelos into the ride and we went to Rainbow Cone for some ice cream.

Ice cream art

Ice cream art

Those of you familiar with Rainbow Cone know that “A Rainbow Cone” is not just “some” ice cream, but more like an ice cream sculpture. For those who have not yet had the pleasure, that’s 5 flavors of ice cream piled on to one cone in a particular order: chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House (New York vanilla with cherries and walnuts), and pistachio topped off with orange sherbet. This cone is one of those things that sounds bizarre but tastes just right. I personally would not order most of those ice cream flavors by themselves, but together they form a powerful treat perfect for battling hot weather. It’s kind of like ice cream Voltron.

8-4-13 (3)

Everyone enjoyed their cones, but of course Sweetie stole the show. Just to be clear, she does not eat ice cream with any frequency and this was a special occasion. Even without that disclaimer, I think the pictures of Sweetie slaying her cone cancel any criticism I earn for giving my daughter ice cream. I don’t care who you are, these pictures are great. And I don’t know that “enjoyment” really captures how much my daughter liked the Rainbow Cone.

8-4-13 (15)


I should say a special thank you to Wife, who was nice enough to share her cone with her daughter (unlike most days of the week, I didn’t have to). Located at 92nd and Western, Rainbow Cone is close enough for an afternoon visit, but thankfully not close enough to enjoy regularly. Needless to say, los padrinos want to go for a cone so that means a return visit. Yet one more reason to love Chicago!

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