Steppin’ Out

The Cricket is making her way toward her next developmental milestone. Actually moving. That’s right interweb, it’s time for another toddling video!

She has been walking along with the furniture for a while now. But about two weeks ago she started “free-standing” a bit. Then she progressed to a couple of steps. And now it is a matter of growing her confidence and going!

I am sure you are all blown away by her cuteness – the drunken sailor walk is cute at their size. But don’t be fooled. No, really, watch out world. You’ve been warned.

Brain freeze

Anyone who lives in the Chicagoland area, or really anywhere that 7-11 peddles their syrupy frozen drinks, knows the torture of a “brain freeze”. It’s that terrible event where the slurpee deliciousness over-rides your brain’s warnings for moderation, causing you to drink way too much, way too quickly. This results in a skull-splitting ache that only passes on its own terms. Unfortunately, today is not the day for slurpees. No, it’s way too cold in Chicago for slurpees (but just wait until summer!).

So this isn’t a post about binge drinking frozen treats. This is about the mental effect of being stuck inside with your nineteen-month-old for two days straight because of record low temperatures. The whole time trying to stay creative and active. Then the snack supplies run low. And you’re not heading to the store to replenish supplies until the weather breaks and the temperatures get above zero. So this was more of a metaphorical brain freeze.

You see, this episode started with a good snack idea despite dwindling supplies. The treat here has yogurt, frozen blueberries, honey, and a little ground flaxseed for some added fiber. And really this was shaping up to be an excellent snack. But let’s call this for what it is – a smoothie. Which one commonly drinks from a cup. And I tried to serve it to Sweetie in a bowl, with a spoon.

I got this, Dad!

I got this, Dad!

So there was definitely a disconnect between the good snack idea and the execution of that snack. The idea to write about it hit me when I was looking at Sweetie and found myself thinking, “well, that was a good idea.”

Good idea? No, great!

Good idea? No, great!

So two closing points here: this is Wife’s smoothie “recipe”. At least, these were the ingredients that she put in her drink last night. I totally bit her smoothie style. Also, if I had a more entrepreneurial spirit, this would be the smoothie recipe in the D-3 cookbook. That would be great for a stay-at-home toolbox, no?

Here it is if you want to give it a try:

  • 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt (Vanilla)
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon ground flaxseed
  • Handful of frozen blueberries
  • Blend. Pour into a cup. Monitor closely.

Random 360’s

Each night after dinner Sweetie and Wife spend time visiting and playing together in our front room. It is their time before bedtime. Tonight as my daughter walked past me she stopped, spun halfway around, paused, finished the full rotation then kept walking to join her mother. Keep in mind she still “toddles” when she walks, so this was a pretty cute scene. Her spin made me smile right away, and then it got me thinking: At what age to we stop doing random 360’s?

The question is about enjoying life, particularly the subtlethings. With Sweetie I often witness her enjoying some simple thing. Times like when we are outside and she gets so excited by the changing leaves or a random squirrel. Or when Wife comes home from work and Sweetie is nearly frozen because she doesn’t know what to do first; run to the door or shriek or maybe just stamp her feet in excitement. She shares all of these discoveries with smiles and pointing and her excited babbling, all of which are so genuine. But as an adult I find that have to stop and focus on these things in order to appreciate them. And I think most of us adults have this same experience. And that makes me kind of sad.

The reasons are obvious; work, social life, increased financial responsibilities, family, etc. It’s all part of growing up, I know this. So the need for vacation time, and recreation time become even more important – the “stop and smell the roses” bit. After hanging out with my daughter though, I can’t help thinking that the adult world is missing out.

And I know adults who do appreciate the small things in life. It is not accurate to say they have a “child-like” approach to life. I think that could be taken the wrong way. But there are people are content with good food, good company, and an occasional elegance. I find their presence to be a refreshing reminder also.

Ah well, maybe I should just try to enjoy the changing fall leaves this Fall and keep an eye out for those subtle, simple things. It’s probably safer that way because I think if I tried to spin around while walking I would probably fall on my butt. For a toddler that’s cute, for her Dad it’s just weird.

Release the kraken!

Sweetie is actively toddling and our world will never be the same! She is still showing some reservation when walking on her own, but it is all “will” cause she definitely has the “skill”! Release the kraken!

Sweetie’s friend Linda has been toddling and walking for about a month now, so we knew it was coming. She has really ramped up the past week and is starting to toddle around the house more and more. Oh boy – time to revisit all of the baby proofing (again).

I think the most funny thing about this event is the celebration. Things like this very posting and the accompanying phone videos and the YouTube video. We always celebrate when children walk. Really it’s something that we have all learned to do (eventually), and there is a good chance that our children will learn to do it as well. But hey, I’m definitely celebrating! If I had a Facebook page (more on that later!) I would be that parent that posts all kinds of “first time” photos of my daughter. And this video would live there as well – Ha!