Tea for two

There have been many instances over the past nineteen months where I have found myself thinking, “Alright, so I’m that Dad.” Like strapping on the diaper bag for the first time – “Now I’m the Dad that proudly wears a diaper bag in public.” Or going to the park or an afternoon play date. Yep, I’m that Dad. The most recent instance fit a common image and made me smile.

The whole thing started with a gift from Momma Z, Big Daddy B and Linda. Turns out they shopped for our daughter the same way that we shopped for theirs. They watched what toys Linda liked and then invited us over for a play date. If Sweetie played with the same toy then it was on the list. (Yeah, Christmas at our house lasted until January 14th.)


Sweetie was immediately happy when she opened her Fisher-Price Tea Set. She invited Wife to a tea party as soon as all of the parts came out of the box. Over the next couple of days the set traveled from one end of the house to the other. In Sweetie’s opinion, any time and any place is good for a tea party.

Good to the last drop

Good to the last drop

And this is where I come in to the picture. Err, in to the party…the tea party. Since I am around the most, I am the most available for Sweetie’s tea parties. And so I become that Dad…the one that goes to his daughter’s tea parties.¬†As far as accommodating your child’s wishes goes, attending a tea party is pretty benign. And an easy request to meet. I gotta tell you though, Sweetie can not get enough of the tea-pot and the little jingles it sings. And I have never had so much fake tea in my life. For the record, Wife also goes to tea parties…but this is my blog.

Emperor's new tea

Emperor’s new tea

So this feeds into that common image of little girls hosting their fathers at tea parties. It got Big Daddy Z and I ¬†talking because the girls are so into the tea sets. And without watching an example of a party, and without any prompting. He told me that he looked at toy tool sets but decided Linda wouldn’t step away from the tea set to play with it. So I see a future post about gender roles and toddler play that mirrors those roles. And maybe moving away from those stereotypical roles as well.


Tea anyone?