Not Warm Yet

Hello Friends,

Here in Chicago we have reached that time of year where the sun is coming out more and the temperatures are rising during the day, but it is not warm yet. These bouncing temperatures mean children are over-dressed and under-dressed daily, so everyone gets sick. We are just coming off a 10 day course of antibiotics ourselves.

Despite the cold, the sun is causing some spring fever. The girls want to get out! Nothing like playing with pails and shovels in your scarf and mittens (Sweetie is fond of bundling up). Or a tricycle ride in mittens.

We are trying here, friends! We are on the mend, the temp is on the rise – you’ll be seein’ more from us. We hope you all are dealing with the spring well, maybe we’ll see you out there.

It’s a start

The weather here in Chicago is starting to break. Although it seems like we keep getting little snow teasers just to drag on the winter (like the one forecast for tomorrow). Regardless, everyone is thawing out, so more posts are popping up on the Dad blogs about finally getting out of the house.

We had a chance to get out and walk around the block a bit. There has been a city crew cutting trees for about a week, so we went to investigate. Sweetie thinks that vehicles larger than the family wagon are cool. We just have to work on her enunciation. “Big truck” does not sound like that when she says it. We’ll keep working on that.

So it’s no visit to the park. Or the zoo. Or a nature center. But it’s a start. Hope your thaw is going well, spring is coming!