Oh So Yummy

There is still a lot going on in our lives, and so much to write about. I feel myself getting more “behind” everyday. I put that in air quotes because as long as the girls are good, everything else is just fine. But I do feel bad leaving you, my readership, without something to browse.

Now is not the time to delve into all of the home improvement adventures, vacation stories and successful recipes. Now is the time to leave you with a fun little story about the Cricket’s first trip to Starbucks. Wife and I were filling the hour while Sweetie was in her piano class (10,000 hours, remember?). 1-hour drive for a 10 AM class on a Sunday morning? Yeah, we needed caffeine. So the Cricket got her first taste of Starbucks’ hot chocolate.

Tummy happy now!

Tummy happy now!

She responded with things such as, “Oh, so yummy.” And, “Tummy happy now (while pointing at her stomach).” Oh, there where plenty of “MMMMMMs” (yes, in all capitals) as well. She did lose interest halfway through the kids’ sized cup, which meant Sweetie got some chocolate too. Even in a kid-sized cup, the chocolate in hot chocolate contains trace caffeine and sugar. So yeah, interesting afternoon for everyone.

Fun for everyone!

Fun for everyone!

With Fall upon us there will probably be a lot more hot chocolate. As for the rest, I’ll write more when I can. Maybe I should utilize this coffee thing for a little more late-night writing. Oh, so yummy.

Brain freeze

Anyone who lives in the Chicagoland area, or really anywhere that 7-11 peddles their syrupy frozen drinks, knows the torture of a “brain freeze”. It’s that terrible event where the slurpee deliciousness over-rides your brain’s warnings for moderation, causing you to drink way too much, way too quickly. This results in a skull-splitting ache that only passes on its own terms. Unfortunately, today is not the day for slurpees. No, it’s way too cold in Chicago for slurpees (but just wait until summer!).

So this isn’t a post about binge drinking frozen treats. This is about the mental effect of being stuck inside with your nineteen-month-old for two days straight because of record low temperatures. The whole time trying to stay creative and active. Then the snack supplies run low. And you’re not heading to the store to replenish supplies until the weather breaks and the temperatures get above zero. So this was more of a metaphorical brain freeze.

You see, this episode started with a good snack idea despite dwindling supplies. The treat here has yogurt, frozen blueberries, honey, and a little ground flaxseed for some added fiber. And really this was shaping up to be an excellent snack. But let’s call this for what it is – a smoothie. Which one commonly drinks from a cup. And I tried to serve it to Sweetie in a bowl, with a spoon.

I got this, Dad!

I got this, Dad!

So there was definitely a disconnect between the good snack idea and the execution of that snack. The idea to write about it hit me when I was looking at Sweetie and found myself thinking, “well, that was a good idea.”

Good idea? No, great!

Good idea? No, great!

So two closing points here: this is Wife’s smoothie “recipe”. At least, these were the ingredients that she put in her drink last night. I totally bit her smoothie style. Also, if I had a more entrepreneurial spirit, this would be the smoothie recipe in the D-3 cookbook. That would be great for a stay-at-home toolbox, no?

Here it is if you want to give it a try:

  • 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt (Vanilla)
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon ground flaxseed
  • Handful of frozen blueberries
  • Blend. Pour into a cup. Monitor closely.

Dealership Adventure

Yeah, so today’s adventure was nowhere near as cool as the zoo. But sometimes, it is all in how you sell it…and how many crackers you bring along for morning snack. See today we took Wife’s car in for service (I have been the Family Fleet Manager since before Sweetie’s time). Off to the dealership we went.

Historically I schedule the work as early as possible to try to beat the crowds. Plus, I know how technicians can lag as the day draws on. Our last visit was way early and disrupted the morning routine, so I tried a mid-morning appointment so my girl would not be thrown off. Great planning – too bad she got car sick on the way there! And that’s real weird  ’cause she’s not a child that gets sick..infrequent like count-on-one-hand in the last 17 months! So we were off to a great start.

Thankfully, the dealership has nice bathrooms and good, clean changing tables. I always try to pack a change of clothes (duh!) and days like today remind me it is always worth it. So after a wardrobe change we were off to the waiting area. On one side, the 46″ television. On the other, the 46″ window to the shop. Today the shop won out (at least for the majority of our visit). And since she was running on an empty stomach, Sweetie was content to watch the mechanics and eat snack crackers.

Is that our car?

Is that our car?

So despite my attempt to not disrupt her schedule, this chore still did. While she slept on the way home, she was up once I tried to get her in to bed. Add after some (more) bodily functions she was wide awake. Needless to say, we spent the afternoon catching up on food and play time…sans nap. Overall a good day, but again, nothing like the zoo! (She slept for almost an hour during our zoo visit!)

I think a part of me wants Sweetie to be comfortable in shop settings. I don’t want her getting all wrapped up in the shop mystique, even if she is just dropping off a car for an oil change. Now granted, I would love for her to try some maintenance herself, but that is a bridge to cross at a later time. For now I guess it is about teaching her to behave no matter where we go, and thankfully, she’s a trooper! That reminds me, I have another post brewing about gratitude. Hmmm…

What's our car doin' way up there?

What’s our car doin’ way up there?

Peary Happy – a bad pun, a good vid clip

I wish it was always this easy to make Sweetie happy. Any of you who have children or have been around children know that their contentment can pass quickly. When you are in that moment though, it’s great. This is a 5 minute video of one such moment with Sweetie and I at snack time. So the back story:

On this particular day, for no particular reason, I plopped down with Sweetie to have an afternoon snack on the floor of our kitchen. I had a bowl of goldfish crackers for her and a pear for myself. Well, one look at my pear and she was all about it! Once she started on the pear I couldn’t help laughing and thought that I had to record it. She jumps right in around the 15-18 second mark with some enthusiastic “ummms” and keeps it up throughout the clip. Sweetie really shows some gusto with this fruit. (My hand makes a couple of cameos around 2:40 and 4:45 to collect some unwanted pear skins – internet fame earned as only a parent could.)

I figure people are entertained by videos a lot more bizarre than this, so up it went on the youtubes. Enjoy, it is only 5 minutes. And I apologize for the strange scraping noise, that’s the bowl of goldfish crackers that were not as exciting!