Going Back to School

Hello Friends,

Of course there is so much catching up to do and so much for us to tell you all. But this is back to school season, so the rest can wait. I have heard from my readership, and I’m listening! So here are some pics of the girls:


That’s right, just like so many of you out there, we have sent our girls back to school!


Oh yes, the Cricket has gone in to PreK-3, joining her big sister at St. Viator Elementary. And yes, she did insist on wearing a tiara to the welcoming tea program. Hey, best the teachers and staff know who they are dealing with up front.


Okay, she did tone it down for her first “official” day in the classroom. Nice stairs, eh? (We are back in the house, more on that later.)


Sweetie is excited because this year she gets to wear the school uniform. This is some right-of-passage type stuff folks. But hey, no more early morning battles over her clothes!


In all honesty it’s great to see Sweetie, and all of the Kindergarten students, rocking the uniforms. They went from being little kids to being little students. It’s kind of blowing my mind.

The girls are doing great, and now back in school, so I’ve caught you up on the most important stuff. I am sure there are many questions about the house, the summer, my situation – essentially all of these new recent turns on the detour. I do have two hours a day without a child around and I hope to use more time to write and answer those questions, and address a bunch more stuff that I haven’t written about yet. So, until then…

Career option: Bobsled Team (?!?)

In the Sochi Olympics there seemed to be an influx of female athletes new to winter games, particularly to the sliding events. In particular, the track and field athletes were finding a good fit with the bobsled. Maybe our girls could become a part of the female bobsled legacy…



In order to make a living they would have to be good enough to win. But I think they are cute¬†enough to land some sponsorship deals. I mean, c’mon, I like Wheaties. And a sister team? What a great story-I can see the photo montage now.

On the upside, we would always know where they are, even if that is some country across the globe. Unfortunately, there is that whole belief about Olympians being promiscuous. Ah hell. Oh yeah, and then there’s the possibility of a high-speed crash. Huh.

What?!? Gold?!?

What?!? Gold?!?

Thankfully we still have some time before they decide what they want to be when they grow up.