“Sweet Jokes”, 5/22/2018

Hello Friends,

bit of a busy start to the week, what with Wife out of town on business. It’s just the girls and I at home until Thursday, so my apologies that I didn’t get this out yesterday. Strangely enough, yesterday was another rainy Monday and ripe for a joke. But with this morning’s cloud cover I think it will work just fine for today too.

Sweetie: “What did one ocean say to the other ocean?”

Me: “Uhhmm, I don’t know. What?”

Sweetie: “Nothing, it just waved! Get it?!? Get it?”

I think this one came from her classroom, but she was so excited to tell the joke I knew it had to make a post. And there you have, hope it brought you a smile for today.


Rando pic of Sweetie at the local lunchera


Bike to School Day

Hello Friends,

Wanted to share a bit of today’s adventure with you all. Before I go on too long, let me say I hope your day is going well, and your adventures are constructive.

We live wonderfully close to St. Viator Elementary, the girls’ school. That makes days like today, “Bike to School Day”, especially fun. In the fall we were all about taking our wagon to school. This changes things up a bit.

As you may have noticed, Sweetie is still on training wheels. She just got the two-wheeler last year, so we are in the learning curve (for the record, I think her class is evenly split on training wheels). And Cricket, well, yes, she’s on a tricycle. We did practice this run before hand, but oh what fun!

Once we made it to school we joined the other kids for a two-block “loop” along the east side of the school (closed to traffic for pick-up of course). The girls made a lap around here and with the exception of a loosened pedal, they both did well. Going home in the afternoon was a different story and we made the last block and a half with me carrying the tricycle and pushing the bicycle. Yeah, good sleep after that…and for the girls too!

I hope your day was as beautiful as ours. I am thinking this marks our transition to cycle transportation – #summergoals! We’ll see you out there.

“Sweet Jokes”, 5/14/2018

Hello Friends,

The rain is coming down here in Chicago, which makes it a perfect time for a joke! This one came from the St. Viator Elementary School Peace Builder Talent Show (that’s a mouthfull). While the joke is not a Sweetie original, she loved it and has re-told it many times.

Sweetie: There’s a tray of muffins baking in the oven. One of the muffins turns to his neighbor and says, “Is it just me or is it really hot in here? The neighboring muffin stares back at him and yells, “AAGGHHH – a talking muffin!”

Me: “Huh…ha!”

Well, there you have it folks. I hope your week is starting off well. And if you’re around here, try to stay dry!

“Sweet” Jokes, 4/30/2018

Hello Friends,

I’ve read in other blogs about children developing their sense of humor during their kindergarten year. Now I’m living it.

Earlier this year Sweetie started coming out with a variety of jokes. And to be fair, they were the quality you would expect from a 5-year-old. Lately, she’s been cracking me up, so I decided to share. Here’s tonight’s gem:

Sweetie: “What do you call a dragon that sneezes?”

Me: “Uh, dunno.”

Sweetie: “A dragon-orama!”

And with that she burst into laughter – killin’ it.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Oh, and no worries, I’ll keep sharing!

How Do They Know?

Hello Friends,

Our spring break was last week. We started on the prior Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ( Holy Week), then had the week following Easter for fun. The girls are back in class this week though, and here’s how this Monday morning looked:

Let me dub in the audio of Sweetie’s alarm ringing just feet away from her. I let it go to see how long it would take her to wake up. The punchline here is that Sweetie was up before six a.m. most days over break. Yet come Monday she’s still snoozing away at 6:30. Hence my question in the title, ” How do they know?”

We stayed around town for spring break, didn’t go anywhere special or do anything particular – we’re saving that for the summer. Plus, it was cold!

So why was Sweetie up early every day? And to be clear, if Sweetie got up, nobody was asleep long after. She got the house moving with early morning stomping, yelling to Cricket (to see if she was awake) and generally making a ruckus. We weren’t heading out for adventures, we used break for practical things like doctor visits and grocery shopping. And playing, lots of playing.

This often happens on the weeknds too. We relax the bedtime schedule on Fridays, so the girls often go to bed a little later. But come Saturday they’re up and ready to go…and early. It’s like our girls, or maybe kids in general, know that we aren’t going to have an agenda on Saturday morning. Nothing to structure their time, so they can use it as they want. And with that, they maximize their waking hours. Gotta be.

Well, I hope that your spring break was enjoyable and your return to school easy. And if that sentiment doesn’t really apply to you because you’re not currently growing children, know we still wish you well. We’re gearing up for the spring, even though it’s still not warm (yeah, recent snow here too). And we’re grasping at every bit of sun amd warmth.

Not Warm Yet

Hello Friends,

Here in Chicago we have reached that time of year where the sun is coming out more and the temperatures are rising during the day, but it is not warm yet. These bouncing temperatures mean children are over-dressed and under-dressed daily, so everyone gets sick. We are just coming off a 10 day course of antibiotics ourselves.

Despite the cold, the sun is causing some spring fever. The girls want to get out! Nothing like playing with pails and shovels in your scarf and mittens (Sweetie is fond of bundling up). Or a tricycle ride in mittens.

We are trying here, friends! We are on the mend, the temp is on the rise – you’ll be seein’ more from us. We hope you all are dealing with the spring well, maybe we’ll see you out there.