“You clean my butt please, Papi”

These days it is not surprising to hear this around our house. And it is said, not asked (hence no question mark). It emanates from the bathroom, echoing out of the open door in our sweet, two-and-a-half year old’s voice. Ahhh, the beauty of toilet training.

Sweetie has been diaper free since the 4th of July. We hit a point around mid-November where she stopped having “accidents”, pretty surprising given the excitement of the holidays. With the onset of the new year she was holding her pee through the night, not needing to use the bathroom until she woke up at her normal time. And last month Wife and I started waking up to find that Sweetie had taken herself to the bathroom while we slept.

I would love to say Wife and I could take all of the credit for Sweetie’s potty training. I mean, we did put in the time and the work. But we also had a little help, some guidance from a book called oh crap. potty training by Jamie Glowacki. Glowacki is a long-time social worker and a mother who has spent a lot of time de-mystifying potty training. She wrote and continues to refine a straightforward guide to getting your child out of diapers.


Wife and I found many little bits of wisdom in oh crap. Glowacki breaks down the training process into easy to understand ideas that are also easy to implement. She writes in a familiar manner so the information is accessible, no where does she use a patronizing tone. And that’s refreshing since so many people weigh in on childcare and sometimes they can get downright militant.

I don’t want to put Glowacki on a pedestal nor claim that her book is the only viable resource for parents looking for potty training advice. So here are a couple of downsides. First, Glowacki shares a bunch of anecdotes. While this is nice for connecting with her, it really bulks up the book. So Wife read through and edited it down to an outline. Second, she does not commit to a time frame for your potty training adventure. At first she recommends committing a weekend. Then she suggests cancelling social activities for a week. That is amended by talking about 7-10 days of preliminary work. On so on. As I mentioned, we started July 4th, 2014, and I claim January 4th as our “results” date. Six months. Done (sort of). Honestly, I am learning that you can not put a concrete time frame on potty training, so I get it. Plus, I am not trying to sell books and keep readers from being disappointed. The point is that while oh crap has a couple of imperfections, we found it to be a useful resource and a beneficial tool.

If you are approaching the potty training stage check out oh crap. potty training (buy your copy here). Wade through the stories and put together a plan for liberating your little one from diapers. This book left Wife and I feeling all “we got this” as opposed to “what is this?”. Yeah, potty training has been work and it has required a time investment. But with kids, what isn’t? Good luck, we know you can do it too.


Learning to stand and pee…the tough lessons

If I had sons this would be a humorous post. But as the father of two daughters, I think it is just funny. Don’t fret, stories and pictures of the newbie are coming. This just went down and I wanted to put it out there.

Sweetie, our oldest, is just about two-and-a-half years old. We started potty training in July and have met with an appropriate amount of success. But nothing is perfect in the early days.

Today when we returned from the grocery store, Sweetie announced that she had to pee. We’ve trained her to tell us and to get herself to the bathroom, which she did. The fun began when I went in to check on her. As expected she was sitting on her training toilet with her pants down around her ankles. She rose up to a squat to show me how well she had peed in her training toilet. When I asked if she was done she said,” No, I go more like this,” and calmly continued to pee…all over her legs, pants, undies and floor (yeah, not a single drop hit the toilet).

That started off the afternoon with a wardrobe change. Oh well, I can’t really call it an accident. I guess it was maybe more of an experiment on her part. I explained that little girls need to sit down to pee. I figure she can learn more advanced techniques when she is out camping or on an emergency roadside stop – pretty much anywhere but standing in the middle of my bathroom. I don’t make it a habit of standing up to pee in front of Sweetie, but it happens. Apparently she just wanted to go to the bathroom like the adults (for the record, Wife does not stand to pee). Good stuff, eh? And just think, you got to enjoy this potty break story without having to clean up the bathroom floor.

Just wanted to share.