Picture Day! (2018)

Hello Friends,

Today is in fact picture day at St. Viator School. I think this mat be my most favorite day of the year. I love seeing the kids, particularly my own, all dressed up.

Wife picked up outfits for the girls and they were beyond excited. They also loved having Wife fuss over them and style their hair (we’ll see how that held up to a day of school). I got to walk them to school though, so everything is all right.

I hope the day is going well for you all out there. Remember to share those school pics as they come in!

School Photos

Hello friends,

the past two years I have shared pictures of Sweetie on her school’s picture day. I thought that I would share a picture of the Cricket given that today was her first.

This picture is from late morning, after school. Big kudos to Ms. K for keeping the Cricket clean and her hair up (she is usually quick to pull out any bands or clips).

I would’ve gladly included pictures of Sweetie in her matching dress, but she changed as soon as we got home. I was distracted by Cricket playing in the yard and poof, out comes Sweetie in a different dress. That’s alright though, the Cricket needs to have a couple of posts to herself.

And our school year adventures continue…

Random Thought for Thursday: It’s Picture Day!

This school gig is downright inspirational! There is so much to write about. Really, it’s a whole new chapter for the detour. I promise I will keep the pictures of me to a minimum, they have just been so fitting! Once again, this is from my PreK-3:

Now you know

Now you know

And that introduces Sweetie’s big excitement: today was her first picture day! I know, I know, “What is so random about picture day?” I mean, it only happens to every school kid in America. Every year. Whether they are ready for it or not. No, it has nothing to do with picture day, but rather with my conversation with Sweetie this morning, before picture day.¬†Wife had done Sweetie’s hair up all nice, and put her in a cute dress (see below).

Me: “Oh, your hair looks so nice, and you look so pretty in your dress.”

Sweetie: “Oh Papi, you look just so beautiful in your shirt, and (pause) pants.”

Mind you, this is 7 a.m., no coffee, no shower, no shave, and said shirt and pants were from yesterday (my morning routine happens after Wife and Sweetie leave). Children are blinded by their love for their parents.

Not the official pic, but still pretty

Not the official pic, but still pretty