Peary Happy – a bad pun, a good vid clip

I wish it was always this easy to make Sweetie happy. Any of you who have children or have been around children know that their contentment can pass quickly. When you are in that moment though, it’s great. This is a 5 minute video of one such moment with Sweetie and I at snack time. So the back story:

On this particular day, for no particular reason, I plopped down with Sweetie to have an afternoon snack on the floor of our kitchen. I had a bowl of goldfish crackers for her and a pear for myself. Well, one look at my pear and she was all about it! Once she started on the pear I couldn’t help laughing and thought that I had to record it. She jumps right in around the 15-18 second mark with some enthusiastic “ummms” and keeps it up throughout the clip. Sweetie really shows some gusto with this fruit. (My hand makes a couple of cameos around 2:40 and 4:45 to collect some unwanted pear skins – internet fame earned as only a parent could.)

I figure people are entertained by videos a lot more bizarre than this, so up it went on the youtubes. Enjoy, it is only 5 minutes. And I apologize for the strange scraping noise, that’s the bowl of goldfish crackers that were not as exciting!