We have been in swim lessons for over a year now and finally we get something out of it! Check out this report that Fox News did on Sweetie and her aquatic excellence. If you have a spare hour, this in-depth interview and live-action expo shows how Sweetie’s early introduction to swimming led to her world dominance of the competition and ultimately to her ownership of the entire sport.

Wow…maybe I shouldn’t write entries late at night when I should be sleeping. That blurbĀ is just not funny at all.

Fox News did come to our swim class. They were doing a piece on adult swim lessons but when they saw the cutie children splashing around they could not resist some footage. Our cameo is fromĀ 1:30 to 1:40 (the whole video is about 4 minutes long). I guess the idea of Sweetie being on the news got me a bit excited. Although, since it was Fox News I am not sure how many friends and family saw the original footage. Thank goodness for the interweb!

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