Mother’s Day well-wishes

Just taking a minute to wish all of the Mom’s out there a Happy Mother’s Day! This year we bought some cards, made some others, sent some gifts, sent some flowers and ate steak. You gotta love a Mom who digs a well-cooked steak (sorry to all our vegetarian reader). Yeah Wife!

As I was prepping and sending cards I was thinking about motherly traits. We celebrated¬†aunts, grandmothers, mothers, godmothers and friends today. And they didn’t all carry a child for 9 months of gestation and birth said child. But they all show the loving, nurturing, fun (but firm) traits that I attribute to motherhood. It was great to send them a thank you and give them their due props.

So to all of our loving, committed mothers and motherly types, we love you and celebrate you. And it’s not just today, but at least today we remember to say so: Thank you for the gift of you! We hope you enjoyed your day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I want to send a heartfelt “Happy Mother’s Day” to all of our mothers out there. Without you there would be no children. Without children there would be no dads. And no justifiable reason to stay at home. That would mean no diaper detours. So I can directly trace my existence as a Stay-at-Home Dad blogger and this blog to my own mother and to Sweetie’s mother. Truth.

For these reasons and countless others, mothers remain the primary creative force in our world. Thankfully, the really good ones are willing to take on partners. They share their creative ability and make a safe space for suggestions. At least, this is my lived experience.

So to Wife, whose mothering habits are nothing short of inspiring, to my own mother who I thank for my very existence, and to all of you mothers out there: Happy Mother’s Day!