May the 4th Fun

Hello Friends,

Yes, I know we are already days past, but May the 4th be with you! We had such a fun, full weekend that I couldn’t get this out to you all on Saturday. Our May 4th plans weren’t extensive, but they were fun, so I thought I’d share.Our main Star Wars celebration was heading to the local Barnes & Nobles for a May 4th Star Wars Lego build event. Bins of various pieces greeted the children, who had free reign to build.There was product on display, of course, as if the kids needed motivation to join the fun. They also had an activity booklet for the kids to color and complete. Sweetie and I ventured in while Cricket napped in the car.So here’s Sweetie’s finished escape pod. All MOCs were turned in to the staff for photographing and posting on their Instagram feed. It was kind of a bummer that the kids couldn’t keep their builds, but a giant poster of Star Wars alphabet helped ease that pain.The girls are Star Wars fans and Lego fans. They are not quiet to the convention/public cosplay level just yet, so the Barnes & Nobles event was just right. It was great to be out and about, and attending the event helped “launch” an adventurous afternoon.I hope you guys had a good weekend, and today started your week off well. We’ll see you out there!

May the 4th…

Yes, we are a little late in the day, but we still wanted to say, “May the 4th be with you”!

Together we can rule the galaxy...

Together we can rule the galaxy…

The cricket was all about it, but Sweetie not so much. Okay, so the Cricket is down for pretty much any opportunity to get in front of a camera. Sweetie was into it until it was time to get dressed for school. Oh well, maybe next year. We can forgive it – I mean, she killed it on Halloween as Princess Leia!

Reppin' our house

Reppin’ the dark side

Hope you had a great day! (Sorry, I don’t have any space puns here)