Tonight and Tomorrow – Last Chance!

Hello Friends,

That’s right, tonight and tomorrow are the last two nights of the Stairway to Insanity!

Again, amatuer haunt, good value at $10. I’m headed up at 6:30 tonight. Hope to see you there!

Stairway to Insanity

Hello Friends,

Tonight I’ll be climbing the stairway to the second floor of the St. Viator Elementary School Gymnasium. I am volunteering in tonight’s Stairway to Insanity Haunted House!

Not sure what you should do on this chilly, dreary, rainy night? Check out this review of last year’s haunt (this year is pending) and see if it doesn’t help you decide:

Come on over to the school for a value-haunt, spooky time. And then go out and get a big ol’ bowl of soup or some hot noodles or something else warm and filling. Whatever you do, make it a great night. We’ll see you out there, friends!

STI 2018 – It’s Coming!

Hello Friends,

The second floor of the St. Viator Gymnasium is undergoing its annual transformation:

All these creepy things signify it is time for the haunted house! That’s right, the Stairway to Insanity is under construction again! I think I have noted before how I don’t love this name, but this year I learned the origin. The organizers used to carry all the props and all the walls up the stairs to set up. One of them thought, this is insanity,” and poof.

I will post another update as the decorations go up, and of course the flier when we get it. Here’s the quick info: $10 a ticket, running 7PM to 10 PM on Friday and Saturday for the next three weekends. If you’re looking for a creepy/scary (but not horrifying) time, consider this amateur, “value” haunt. They have an event page on Facebook, so check ’em out. Come Halloween!

Halloween Happenings (#2)

Hello Friends,

The past two Octobers I have told you about the St. Viator Haunted House, and now it is time again! This weekend is the first of three weekends where the ‘House will be open. Now that we are back in the neighborhood, Wife and I are trying to figure out how we are going to be a part of the fun. I have helped out with some of the setup already, so we’ll see where it goes from here!


It’s hard to adequately describe the scare-level of the Haunted House. When I helped out two years ago I felt that I could hang inside the maze, right up until the lights went out. At times I had to focus on my task so I didn’t get spooked out. Last year, Sister Scales of Justice and her son went through. She has already told me they won’t be going back through again this year! So if you decide to check out the St. Viator Haunted House over any of these next three weekends, keep in mind that it is a grass-roots effort, organized and run entirely by volunteers. It may not be as terrifying as some of the “professional” houses, but don’t let the humble roots trick you into thinking it isn’t scary. I think the organizers say its appropriate for children eleven years and older. It’s local, affordable, fully-Halloween, and definitely worth a look.

St. Viator Haunted House 2016

The “monster” fundraiser is almost ready for visitors! That’s right, the annual haunted house at Sweetie’s school opens this weekend. If you’re into haunted houses, or maybe want to go to one that is not as scary as the big ones, come on up to the near northwest side of the city. With a “PG” rating, the St. Viator’s Haunted House is worth a visit. Check out the details:


Hope your prep for Halloween is going well!

Random Thought for Thursday: Time for Scares-St. Viator Haunted House

Growing up I wasn’t too keen on haunted houses. If you asked my friends, particularly the members of my Boy Scout Troop, they would probably remember that in the 4th grade I ran out of a haunted house crying. And they probably wouldn’t remember me going to another one again. Because I didn’t go into another haunted house for eight years, until I was 18. That time I was more distracted by the screaming of the people in our group and more scared that they would pull me backwards that I forgot I was supposed to be scared of the attractions. But, that blip of haunted house courage didn’t convince me to start visiting the various “professional” haunted houses. No different now.

No, no, this year I have two little girls to worry about, and a family “costume” to try to execute. But I will be spending one night at a local haunted house. You see, Sweetie’s school does an annual haunted house as a fundraising event. There is a long history of the church hosting it, originally running through the church basement and boiler room (I know, right?!?), and now the school keeps it going on the second floor of the rec center. So Wife and I are each going to work a night helping out however they need (this is only our first year).

So if you are looking for a scare, but aren’t up for a house filled with professional actors, think about hittin’ up the St. Viator Haunted House. The school is on Addison, about a mile west of 90/94, so it is accessible. It runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, this week and next. The coordinators rate it “PG”, and they discourage children under 10. Check the deets below. C’mon Halloween!