Crazy Hair Day

Hello Friends,

In my last post I told you all about the Fun Run at the school (St. Viator Elementary). That us weeks past, but the girls continue to reap the benefits of their findraising efforts.

This is “crazy hair and socks day” for Sweetie’s class. The students were allowed to style their hair however they wanted, or wear a hat, and wear wild socks.

Some of the do’s included hair dye, others with silly ponytails, and many with lots of product. Sweetie opted for a jellyfish parked on her head. No, that’s not a spider, nor an octopus (silly you).

All credit to Wife for having the patience to do the braids, then creating this critter. Sweetie was very proud to walk in with her “crazy” hair. And the socks were a bonus. The kids enjoyed this fun day, even though they didn’t get anything. The fun factor raised their spirits in the classroom, so I hope this little story raises yours.

Well, I hope your week is starting off well. We’ll see you out there!

Funds Run

Hello Friends,

I want to tell you a little about the girls raising some money for their school, and a lot about the support of our friends and family.

The girls just completed the 2019 Boosterthon “Fun Run” at the school. This fundraising event combines school-wide activities, online adventures, donation solicitation, and physical activity to benefit the school. This year the funds will help St. Viator School blend classical classroom learning with technological tools while modifying the classroom layout. We are adding stations, smart boards and computer-based tools to our book and desk classroom situation. Pretty neat stuff.

Boosterthon is the company that organizes this fundraising event. They have a website where students set up a video (which both Sweetie and the Cricket enjoyed making), send out solicitation emails, and track their progress on a rudimentary dashboard. Staff members with catchy codenames (like “Adventure Abbey”) spend time in the school hyping the kids up and building enthusiasm. As the students reach fundraising benchmarks they earn a variety of prizes. These are mostly knickknacks, but they tend to revolve around physical activity and play. This flurry of activity swirls around the school for two weeks until the actual day of the run.

Boosterthon handles all the staging, lighting, and entertainment for the run as well. Parent volunteers count/tally laps while others come out to cheer on the runners. The goal for all students is thirty-five laps around the course, a good balance between challenging and fun.

It’s been eye-opening to learn how our tuition covers the operation and the maintenance of the school, but not necessarily innovation. The money raised through the Boosterthon fun run helps on that front. Combined, the girls raised $875 dollars, all donated by family and friends. So we say a big “Thank you!” to all of you who supported the girls and pledged to their run. We definitely appreciate you and your donations.

The Fun Run has been successful the past three years, so I imagine we’ll do it again next year. The girls were proud of their contribution to the school, and they had a great time running. Need a good fundraising event for your school? Maybe check out Boosterthon to see if they operate in your area. In the event that you are interested in supporting us next year, you can contact me through the comments or at, and I will add your email to the contact list. We’ll see you out there!

Goin’ Mo

In 2010 Micopadre invited me to grow join his Movember team. I didn’t understand at first, but quickly learned that I would be growing a mustache for the entire month of November. This was meant to be an engaging, fun way to raise funds for researching male cancer, supporting men who are currently fighting cancer and honoring survivors. It went well and planted a seed for future participation…and that future is now.

That’s right folks, the detour is “goin’ Mo” (maybe “growin’ Mo”?). This was a good idea last year, but I didn’t act on it. Now we’re on! We are going to try to utilize the detour to spread the word and raise money for men’s health.

If you get a minute, check out the Movember website. Their philosophy and activities are pretty cool stuff. I am still learning the facts and the numbers, so right now I am more of a men’s health advocate: Both Grandpa and Abuelo are male cancer survivors, and I think this is a solid way to honor them. The detour is doin’ it for them and survivors in general, supporting the current fighters and pushing for increased reasearch.

Sweetie has agreed to help in this endeavor, although her ‘stache is more immediate and impressive. I figure we will try to snap photos throughout our adventures this month. And although she won’t realize it, she will be contributing to the greater good. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a lifelong habit.

"Sweetie" 'stache

“Sweetie” ‘stache

So if you get a chance, please visit my Movember page and consider a donation: . The initial invitations have gone out to grow a team – please feel free to join “Gen Mo” if you are inspired! And thanks!

October 1 - all clean

October 1 – all clean