Hello Friends,

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads, Grampas, Papas, Godfathers, and every other “Father” designation. From all of us here are D3, we wish you a great day. Here’s what I woke up to:

The entire breakfast was delicious, but I love that you can see the steam coming off the coffee. It doesn’t get much better! I hope your day is starting off well, even if steak & eggs is not your thing. May you be surrounded by your loved ones and make the most out of this year’s wierd Father’s Day.

There’s more to come, friends, as we dive into summer. The girls just started day camp, an at-home version we have dubbed “D3DC” (Dad’s Diaper Detour Day Camp is a mouthful). There is more sharing to come! Have a great day, Dads, this one’s for you!

Happy Father’s Day!

Hello Friends,

And a special hello to all my Father’s out there! Wife, the girls, and I all hope you are having a great day, surrounded by family and doing those things that bring you joy.

My day started with cards and gifts from my girls, followed by breakfast in bed. We scheduled everything for later in the morning, so it was a nice and easy start.

We took my Father, “Grandpa”, out for some brunch. Despite the crowd, we had a slow visit and enjoyed some good food.

Cards went out to all the Dads in our lives, many well-wishes went out via text as well. And now here is our blog wish to all you Dads out there, but especially the stay-at-home Dads out there. This one’s for you, men-Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Hello Readership! This post goes out to all the committed Dads out there, stay-at-home or otherwise. From all of us here at Dad’s Diaper Detour, Happy Father’s Day!

20160618_115439This is your day, dad, to spend it however you want doing whatever you want. That being said, I know you will probably be driving all over bringing your kids to visit various male relatives, possible grilling for lots of family members and enjoying many well-deserved ties and coffee mugs. Maybe that’s just a preview of my day? Anyway, that’s all a part of this adventure of fatherhood, right? And hopefully we are growing into this role with the grace that our elder men demonstrated.

Enough silly banter, though. I sincerely wish all of you a day filled with family and friends and overall good sentiments for the job you are doing well. Happy Father’s Day – now back to it!

Father’s Day thoughts

There are all sorts of terms to describe the father of a child, and all sorts of adjectives added to the title. Dad, daddy, pops, poppa, poppi, pappy, padre, step, in-law, ol’ man, stay-at-home, work-at-home, working, third shifter, man of the house, king of the castle, sith lord. Move aside all of these terms and you have a particular type of man acting in a particular set of circumstances as a Father. I speak from experience with a variety of examples in my life and from my own journey to embrace and embody the term. To all of the Fathers out there, we here at the detour wish you a Happy Father’s Day and hope you feel the love of your family today and every day.

At the same time, I want to also thank the “Dad-vocates” who support all fathers, but especially those working spouses, wives, partners, etc., whose day-job allows us to do what we do. Without you there is no such thing as a stay-at-home Dad. Today may not be named for you, but you and the role you play are appreciated.

I spent the day with my girls, Wife and Sweetie, which was great in itself. We started the day with breakfast with my father (Sweetie’s Grampa) and our side of the family. Afterwards I called my step-father (Sweetie’s Poppa) in Florida to exchange well wishes. We ended the day visiting with Wife’s parents and family to wish her father (Sweetie’s Buyo) a happy day. I sent text messages to friends who are fathers and also phoned Brother Busted Knuckles to wish him a good one. Each call, visit and message reinforced the kinship I feel with these men because we all carry the title “Father”. So I end my day sharing that kinship with the father’s out there in the larger world. Happy Father’s Day to you all, this one’s still for you.

Dad is Great – Happy Father’s Day

Father, Dad, Daddy-O, Big Daddy, Padre, Pappy, Poppa, Big Poppa, Poppa Bear, Pops, Old Man – however you call him, it’s time to celebrate fathers. Father’s Day is here again.

The history of Dad-kind can be tough. How many of us grew up with the cliché “wait until your father gets home?” The image of Dad “the Enforcer” has tempered but it still lingers a bit. And there is the image of Dad the “bread winner” as well. Of course, this dynamic changes for a stay-at-home-Dad because we are always home and probably cleaning up bread, not winning it.

Obviously our house lives these differences because we wait for Wife, “Mom”, to get home. And Sweetie is too young to cause any major trouble yet so I am not throwing silly threats at her. So really, we can’t wait for Wife to get home. Last Thursday she came home with fresh Cheese Danish and Sweet breads from a local Polish bakery. Mom is not only winning bread, but sweets! As Sweetie and I shared a treat, it reminded me of my most favorite pro-Dad story.

I first saw the stand-up routine Bill Cosby Himself when I was a child. My family and I were able to enjoy the comedy together as it is loaded with adult humor with kid-friendly language. I have watched this stand-up routine as an adult and still laughed out loud. In one skit, Bill Cosby describes how he feeds his children chocolate cake for breakfast. As he describes, chocolate cake contains milk, eggs and wheat – also parts of a nutritious breakfast. To express their joy, his children begin singing praise to him in a simple but effective tune: “Dad is great, he gives us chocolate cake”. Writing it out does not do it justice, so enjoy the man himself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3trDL5MWlw

And that’s the point of the day, right? It’s a day to sing our praises for our committed Father’s. So whether you stay at home or you get to come home; whether you are the enforcer or the bringer of sweets – Dads are great. To all you out there, from all of us on the detour – Happy Father’s Day!