Birthday Cosplay

We had a surprisingly busy spring this year. Wife and I have been distracted by a home renovation project that will soon become the focus of our lives, and probably the focus of some posts, too. Add to that the other life stuff that happens every day and here we are already in June. Because we were so busy, we decided to keep Sweetie’s birthday party low-key this year. Tough to do in general, but she has been attending parties for classmates and friends and that just adds to the pressure. Needless to say there was not much to post about from this year’s party. It was nice and all, but nothing like last year. So I decided to take you all back..

Sweetie chose a Curious George theme for her 3rd birthday. That was great because there is plenty of stuff at the local party store for Curious George – he’s a popular little monkey. Sweetie’s godfather, Micompadre, upped the party ante though when he asked/suggested/challenged me to dress up to fit the theme.


Micompadre let me know that he owned a monkey suit and would happily join me in the fun, as you can see. With his support, and a giant costume store just down the street, it was on. Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat were in attendance.



Now despite the obviously high quality of our costumes, not all of the kids loved it. In fact, many of them had a look that was either incredulity or horror. We kept moving and didn’t stay in front of any child too long in order to avoid breakdowns. And thanks to the quality costumes and unseasonably warm day, our time in costume was quick.


Just a man and his monkey friend

I have to give all credit to Micompadre. Without his push I would not have added this to our party planning. There are wonderful and fun places to go when family supports you. So something else to add to the list of things I didn’t see myself doing: cosplay for a birthday cause. But the parents out there are not surprised; they’ve done it too. To the would-be dads: expect to wear many different hats as a father, some that you never thought you would even consider. I think this is especially true for a stay-at-home dad. But when you see your little girl’s face light up, and the mood of the party shifts to “fun-silly”, it’s worth it.

Happy Father’s Day!

Hello Readership! This post goes out to all the committed Dads out there, stay-at-home or otherwise. From all of us here at Dad’s Diaper Detour, Happy Father’s Day!

20160618_115439This is your day, dad, to spend it however you want doing whatever you want. That being said, I know you will probably be driving all over bringing your kids to visit various male relatives, possible grilling for lots of family members and enjoying many well-deserved ties and coffee mugs. Maybe that’s just a preview of my day? Anyway, that’s all a part of this adventure of fatherhood, right? And hopefully we are growing into this role with the grace that our elder men demonstrated.

Enough silly banter, though. I sincerely wish all of you a day filled with family and friends and overall good sentiments for the job you are doing well. Happy Father’s Day – now back to it!

May the 4th…

Yes, we are a little late in the day, but we still wanted to say, “May the 4th be with you”!

Together we can rule the galaxy...

Together we can rule the galaxy…

The cricket was all about it, but Sweetie not so much. Okay, so the Cricket is down for pretty much any opportunity to get in front of a camera. Sweetie was into it until it was time to get dressed for school. Oh well, maybe next year. We can forgive it – I mean, she killed it on Halloween as Princess Leia!

Reppin' our house

Reppin’ the dark side

Hope you had a great day! (Sorry, I don’t have any space puns here)

Happy New Year!?!

In my previous post I said I did not know how many installments I would write for the D-3 “Christmas Survival Guide”. Yeah, it came out to that one post – definitely an opportunity for improvement in 2016. Honestly, if I knew that was my last post for 2015 I would have wished you, my dear readership, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. But that’s why I’m writing this post!

Would you believe that the delay was part of my plan? That I didn’t want to share holiday internet space with everyone else, but instead wanted to wait until mid-January to share pictures of the girls? That way, there’s no competition and you can focus solely on them. No, I’m not buying it either, and I’m writing it. Anyway, here they are:


To tell the truth, we had a strangely busy holiday season. Most of Wife’s family were travelling and out of town, and everyone local on my side got together on the same day. But our foursome stayed busy throughout. And what a great problem to have! We spent a bunch of time together as a family. Movie nights, lots of playtime, some Christmas adventures. It was great.

And now we’re in the new year. I don’t know about you guys, but mine is starting off at full-pace – I can’t believe we are already 3 weeks in. I was just able to read over the year-end numbers from WordPress to see how this blog did last year. I was a bit disappointed to see that I posted 5 fewer entries than in 2014 – that’s on me. I was very excited to see that the site hits had gone way up though. And that is because of all of you, my dear readership!

So let me put a great big “THANK YOU” to all of you out there who take the time to read, comment, like, follow, re-post and all of that other stuff that shows support for the detour. That’s big thanks to my family and friends for their continued support; to the new followers who came on board; to the people using the comments section, particularly BDB; to my girls for the continuous, sometimes overwhelming, font of material; and to Wife, my top supporter, most constructive challenger, thorough editor, available sounding board and the best partner ever. All of you help to get me in front of the computer to write these entries and share these stories and I appreciate your support of this blog and this family.

And so we’re off and running. I think it is customary to feel nostalgic during this time of year. I get that feeling around November and it usually lasts until February. So I am going to use it to re-visit some notes and stories from earlier in the year. You know, make up for stuff I didn’t do in 2015 (even though I don’t believe you really can). With Sweetie’s PreK-3 rolling into it’s second half, and Cricket’s everyday adventures continuing to ramp-up, there is a lot of new stuff to write about also. So again, thanks for taking the detour with us, and please continue to enjoy the trip.



Bringin’ the Winter

Even though the Chicago weather does not want to commit to winter, the holiday spirit is in effect. Sweetie’s school, St. Viator, is hosting their WinterFest this weekend. I’m sitting here listening to the rain thinking about the advertised skating rink, and I’m not sure how that’s going to work. So I will be stopping by to see that at least! Check it out:


This is a fundraising event, so all proceeds benefit the school and the parish. Food, drinks, crafts, skating…you can do all that stuff listed on the left side of the flyer. Wife is coordinating a cookie decorating station, and the supplies for that look good (they are stacked in our pantry and crammed in the fridge). There is no admission fee, so at least stop by and check it out. Who knows, maybe Wednesday’s flurries will survive the late-week temps and it will look a bit more wintry!

Mother’s Day well-wishes

Just taking a minute to wish all of the Mom’s out there a Happy Mother’s Day! This year we bought some cards, made some others, sent some gifts, sent some flowers and ate steak. You gotta love a Mom who digs a well-cooked steak (sorry to all our vegetarian reader). Yeah Wife!

As I was prepping and sending cards I was thinking about motherly traits. We celebrated aunts, grandmothers, mothers, godmothers and friends today. And they didn’t all carry a child for 9 months of gestation and birth said child. But they all show the loving, nurturing, fun (but firm) traits that I attribute to motherhood. It was great to send them a thank you and give them their due props.

So to all of our loving, committed mothers and motherly types, we love you and celebrate you. And it’s not just today, but at least today we remember to say so: Thank you for the gift of you! We hope you enjoyed your day.

It’s a Cricket at 6 months

Step right up and get your fix! Here’s a little Cricket who just celebrated six months in our lives. That’s right, the honor is all hers…ha, ha. Exciting day here on the detour. We enjoyed yet another quick well-check with the doc today. And when I say “enjoyed” that means today’s celebration included my first Coca-Cola of 2015, Dunkin’ Donuts in the late P.M., and a thank you to the Universe for my family’s continued health. Hey, I have no probably showin’ out for my family, but I will always be sure to stay grateful. So here she is today:



As you can see by the pose, she is getting more active. These monthly shots are going to be more and more tricky to capture, but we’ll keep on! So nothing too profound to add here, just a good day with my girls. I hope yours was good too.

I love photo shoots!

I love photo shoots!

Happy Holidays!

From our family here on the ‘Detour – Happy Holidays!

Our holiday greeting is either late because Thanksgiving is over, or early because Christmas is yet to come. Really, it’s a matter of perspective, as are so many things when children are involved. I hope the stay-at-home Dads can back me on that. Heck, I hope all parents can back me on that.

Big thanks to Sister Younger-Older for hosting a heck of a Thanksgiving. Take some good food, throw in some family time, add plenty of room to stretch out, and top it off with a little fresh black coffee and we had a good day. The fallout has lasted all weekend, with nap schedules and appetites all over the place, but it was worth it. And it gave Wife and I a good excuse to keep the house, the entire house, in pajamas all day Friday.

We have continued our weekend with family visits and some work around the house, just staying close to home. Tomorrow we top it off with family photos and possibly placing the order for our Christmas card. While this may seem pedestrian and boring, it easily bests the “real life” that we go back to on Monday. Wife will go back to work and we will shift back into routine. But like Thursday’s meal, I am walking away from of all this family time feeling satiated and satisfied. Feeling good and ready for the holidays (Christmas shopping, what?!?).

So welcome to the holidays, folks. I hope you had a good couple of days over this long weekend. I hope you enjoyed a little bit of everything that makes you feel good. There’s so much more to come, but if it follows this weekend’s trend it’s going to be a good holiday season.

AGH! Happy Thanksgiving!

AGH! Happy Thanksgiving!

$10 Mo’ Campaign

As many of you have read I have been growing a moustache for the Movember annual fundraising event. The monies go toward combating men’s cancers (testicular and prostate) and supporting men’s mental health concerns. We are well into the month and the mo’ is looking pretty sweet (okay, it’s no Frank Reagan, but still). The fundraising has plateaued though.

Mo' inspiration

Mo’ inspiration

So I am launching the $10 Campaign. Up to this point my Movember fundraising has been word-of-mouth, open, organic and maybe not as effective as it could be. I have been donating $10 to the men who have joined the D-3 Do-Betters to support their membership.I found that $10 was a manageable number. So I am reaching out to you, my readership, to ask for your specific support for a good cause. Check out my mo space page here and donate your $10! You can use your credit card (hey, it’s more secure than shopping at Target or Home Depot!).

Of course I timed this pitch for the week of Thanksgiving. Of course I am hoping to tug some heartstrings out there. Of course I hate to ask for money as much as anyone else. But of course I also hate to say good-bye to loved ones because they suffer from health issues that we can fight against. Please join me in this effort. Big thanks to the people who have already donated (and exceeded $10)! And if you feel comfortable doing so, re-post this message to spread mo’ love across the interwebs!

Made in Movember

Made in Movember

Mo grow week 1

The first week of Movember is wrapping up. At this writing it appears that the donations are coming in better than my ‘stache. It’s about growing though, no matter how it comes in. I mean, even a wispy moustache is going to generate attention and spark conversation.

Grow Mo, grow!

Grow Mo, grow!

If you are feeling inspired, please visit my mospace page and donate. Everyone’s support matters!