Full moon glory

We have entered the stage where Sweetie declares her independence from clothing. Okay, really she just practices taking off various articles of her outfit. Sometimes she will try to put her socks back on, but really this time is more about taking items off. It all started with her shoes but quickly spread to include those oppressive socks too. And so for two weeks Sweetie has spent most of her afternoons running around the house barefoot.

Now I know from reading and from conversations with Padrino that this is a developmental stage. Sweetie realizes that she can take off her shoes, and in doing so she has found a way to demonstrate her agency. Simply put, when she takes off her shoes and runs around barefoot, she is essentially saying, “Look what I can do.”

Now bare feet are cute and all, but not really worth writing about in an entry. Last night she stepped it up a notch though. Sweetie decided after her bath that 1.) She did not need to be carried to her room – she could walk; and 2.) Towels stifle her being. With that she cast off her covers and ran free through the house.

So as I chased her naked little butt down the hall I reminded myself that this is a phase and there are many more to come. And I quietly said to myself, “Look what you can do.”