Chia Pudding for Life

Hello Friends,

I don’t share as many recipes and food ideas as as I should. Partly because I don’t like taking food photos – I’m just not good at it and they look funny. But I do struggle with meal ideas, particularly breakfast, so I figured I’d get over myself and share.

To be completely honest, Wife brought the idea for chia pudding home. Not one of my originals but I have fully embraced it.

Here’s a brand from Costco you could try

The recipe that we use is easy to follow and multiply. The end result depends on your taste. I am sharing chia pudding because it is easy, versatile, and our girls eat it.

Start with three tablespoons of chia seed.

Looks a little funny, I know. And the girls thought so too, until they ate the final product. Next add one cup of soy milk.

And stir.

Cover that and throw that in the fridge overnight. The next morning you should have a thick mixture.

From here you thin with your choice of liquid. More soy milk is fine, we’ve used both plain and vanilla flavored. Pineapple juice is good too, and I imagine any juice would work. You are looking for a pudding-like consistency, but really thin to your liking.

Serve up you pudding into bowls and add whatever you like. Some of our fav ingredients are strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, honey, and coconut flakes. But add what you would like.

There is no way around the overnight wait, which is why we use chia pudding for breakfast. Its easy though, and your kids can make it how they like it.

There it is friends, our version of chia puddding. There are protein benefits here, and fiber too, but the girls are sold on the taste. I hope this helps with your breakfast menu. We’ll see you out there!

Time for the House

Hello Friends,

This is the last update on our yard work. After the playhouse goes in, my focus shifts to yard maintenence. Rest assured, there won’t be any posts about edging and mowing. Although maybe I will do a “carbon-neutral” post in the future to highlight human powered lawncare. Anyway, playhouse.

After a bunch of shopping and comparisons we went with the Greystone Cottage from Costco (it’s part of the Cedar Summit line by Kid Craft). We tried to balance look, playability, value, and price, and for us, this house won out.

What you’re seeing in these messy photos are the parts of the house laid out by number (all parts are numbered for easy building). This was one of the first steps in the manual, and was a helpful hint from the company. I tried to clear out half the garage for work space, but you can see how easily the parts filled up the space.

Tio Long-Arm-of-the-Law came by for the first night of building. His help made that night productive. The cottage uses a lot of screws to fasten the pieces. So while I was fastening a part, he was reading the next step, and bringing me the next parts and fasteners. If you buy this house I recommend getting a second person at least until the base is assembled and the roof is on.

And…POOF! Playhouse. I said this wasn’t going to be a tutorial, just some sharing. Photos after build night #1 would’ve been nice, but oh well. Anyway, fits nice, right?

So, let’s sum up this experience. The box is big enough and heavy enough to be a hassle, but not impossible to get home. One person can get it from the store, two is ideal. There are a lot of parts, but they are numbered. Organize the parts and the hardware (use a plastic Costco apple crate for hardware) to facilitate assembly. One person can handle most of the assembly, but a second person can dramatically improve productivity. And two sets of eyes is better than one , especially for the few steps that aren’t completely clear (and really, there are only a few). Build night #1 was 2 hours with two adults, build night #2 was 2 hours just me. So 6 total Dad hours. Once assembled the house can be moved by 3 adults easily, 2 with a bit of caution. The light weight of this house is deceptive though, as it is sturdy. The wood is lightweight, so charge the battery for the driver but use a light trigger. It is easy to bury the screws and split boards.

Overall, Wife and I are pleased with the Greystone Cottage. I did leave off a flag accessory which is just a big piece of plastic. The wood is treated, but we did spray it with a waterproof paint to be safe,and I tarp it if we’reexpecting storms. So far it is all fun at the cottage. The girls have no complaints, except when I call them for dinner!