Shoes for the Small Ones

Hello Friends,

Everyone lives with a bit of brand loyalty. Whether it is the make of car your whole family drives, the streaming service you favor, or the grocery store that always has what you’re looking for, we all have our “go-to’s”. I want to share one of ours.

Wife found Carrara Children’s Shoes, Ltd. after we learned that Stride Rite was closing the few stores they had near us. We needed selection, quality, and support over fashion. After spending some time on the interwebs, she found Carrara’s. Located on Clybourn Avenue, they are just a 20 minute car ride from the house.

Carrara Children’s Shoes is located in the back of a strip mall, sort of tucked away (we now think of it as a hidden treasure). The store front is unassuming, but as you enter you notice the 4′ x 8′ train layout at just the right height for the little ones to view. There are also play tables and toys around for keeping the kiddos entertained. The other three walls of the store are all shoes.

Ronado, or “Ron”, is the knowledgeable, attentive, owner-operator of Carrara’s Children’s Shoes. He is well-versed on the details of the shoes he sells, and is quick to share recommendations based on your input and interest. The big draw for us was their stock of leather shoes. We needed school shoes, we wanted quality, Ron delivered. And has continued to deliver the past three times we have visited.

Ron has an employee at the store, Jennifer, who he has trained to be equally attentive and helpful. She is lovely with our girls, easily gets them measured, and keeps the process moving. Between the two of them, we have never waited more than a couple of minutes for service.

Here’s a little bonus. Besides selling children’s shoes, Ron also designs adult shoes in collaboration with an Italian shoe company. His appreciation for quality materials shows in his well-made, all-leather, mildly funky foot wear. Wife picked up multiple pairs of shoes on super-clearance, priced to move based on their small size, not some defect. Maybe there is a great find hiding there for some of you.

Many clothing items fall under the “you get what you pay for” rule. Shoes from Carrara Children’s Shoes are no exception. I feel that all kid’s shoes are overpriced, so I have never been shocked by the prices at Carrara’s. The value comes from the quality of the shoes they stock and the pleasant attentiveness of the owner and employee. While they carry an excellent selection of leather dress-type shoes, they also have athletic shoes from Saucony, Plae, and Stride Rite, among others. If you need a good children’s shoe store here in Chicago, check out Carrara Children’s Shoes 2121 N Clybourn Avenue. In the interest of full disclosure I will tell you this is not a sponsored review – we are just that pleased with their service and product and I wanted to share.

We’ll see you out there, friends!