Today you wish you were me

I don’t normally say this; especially on days with missed naps, poop-splosions, and toy tornadoes. And bragging is not usually my style. But today was different. And today you wish you were me. Today you were probably stuck in an office, working the day away. But today was around 75 degrees with a lake breeze, mostly sunny and beautiful. So today we went on an adventure downtown.


Big Daddy B, Momma Z, Linda, Sweetie and I piled in the ride and headed to the heart of the city. The adventure started down at Millennium Park with a music class for the girls. It was an English version of the class they take at the Old Town School of Folk Music. There is a giant tent set up there with music classes, book readings, arts and crafts, giant checkers and giant tinker toys. Overall the activities are for older children but the girls had a blast and definitely got down.


After music class we scoped out a spot for lunch. While we were hunting around we noticed the Chicago Symphony Orchestra warming up in the Pritzker Pavilion. They were getting ready to practice for the night’s concert. So we found a great spot on the south side of the park among some shade trees and sat to enjoy our picnic lunch. All the while the symphony played in the background.

Hello city

Hello city

Next stop was the Chicago Cultural Center, just a short walk across the street and we wandered in to explore.  The girls both fell asleep after lunch so the adults could do as we pleased. As always, the Tiffany Dome was impressive to see. We also caught two art exhibits; the first was Modernism’s Messengers: the Art of Alfonso and Margaret Iannellitone. They were a couple who worked together on various marketing and architectural projects. Many of the works were designed, built and displayed in Chicago. The second exhibit was by Stefan Sagmeister, called The Happy Show. It focused on the topic of happiness, explored through selected entries from the artist’s journal. The Happy Show was a particularly good find that we stumbled on. It was wonderfully bizarre but got you thinking.

Tiffany Dome - the photo doesn't do it justice

Tiffany Dome – the photo doesn’t do it justice

We wrapped up at a perfect time in the middle of the afternoon. For treats we hit Dunkin’ Donuts for a road coffee before hopping back in the ride. Traffic was clear heading north so we ended the day on a good note with an easy cruise home. Today was a great day in Chicago; a great day on the detour. So yeah, today you wish you were me. Now I hope you can go and have such a day so you can write the same back to me.