Celebrating 108 Years at Crosby’s Kitchen

Before I write on, let me explain that this post is purposely devoid of political opinions and commentary. I am still processing the election results, “getting my head right” as we used to say in the body shop. I don’t want to be one more voice on the internet ranting, so I will compose myself and compose my post for later this week. In the meantime, some pics of the Cricket…

Due to a busy end of the week and weekend, I didn’t get a chance to share Thursday’s lunch. The Cricket and I were out running errands after swim class and found ourselves travelling along Clark Street on Chicago’s northside. Of course, this is the same Clark Street that runs next to Wrigley Field, and we ran into all kinds of fans as we searched for lunch. We took Southport where it split off of Clark and settled on Crosby’s Kitchen at the corner of Southport and Cornelia.


Crosby’s Kitchen came up in my Google search for kid-friendly restaurants in Lakeview, a happening part of town. They serve American Fare in a comfortable environment. Once I read the menu I realized they were known for their rotisserie chicken. Oh, this was a big hint too:

Mmm, chicken

Mmm, chicken

The kid’s menu is just smaller portions of their adult fare, so the kiddos can get some of the delicious chicken as well. Cricket opted for the grilled cheese and I also shared bites of my chicken dip sandwich. Think french dip, but with a hunk of chicken. The Cricket loved the two types of cheese on her sandwich, and the toasted bread was soft. The french bread for my sandwich was also nice and soft, with just enough crunch in the crust. The chicken was moist and flavorful, so I almost didn’t use the au jus on the side. Overall, it was a good spot to find(and they’re not even paying me to say that!).

Usually I don’t like televisions around when I eat because I become a TV zombie. Given that it was the day after the Cubs won the World Series, it was nice to have some screens on over the bar. The server brought over some crayons for Cricket first thing, so she had something to do. She and I were able to enjoy our lunch surrounded by adults with and without children, so I did not feel like we were ruining anyone’s lunch at any time. And we left with full, happy bellies. So I’ll throw this place in the “toolbox”, cause we’ll visit here again. I know some of you out there can compose poems about restaurants and food, but I can’t. I will say that I did leave humming Finger Lickin’ Good by the Beastie Boys. You can check out Crosby’s Kitchen at 3455 N Southport here in Chicago.


Sayin’ a Lil’ Prayer

WGN News stopped by the church on Friday and spoke with some of the staff and student’s from Sweetie’s school. Friday was the Feast Day of St. Viator, so there was an all-school Mass. Of course, that was also the day before the Cubs played what turned out to be game that clinched the National League Championship.

The news piece was about the Cubs and the school saying a prayer for the team. Sweetie was at the Mass, but the rest of us did not attend. It was great to see the students and the staff represent the school so well. They picked out real fans too, not just the fair weather type. The Principal made a good point about, “We always want to pray for everyone to do their best, and we want for everyone to be safe…but meanwhile we want a little something extra for this city.” And that got me thinking about my response if asked about saying a little prayer for the Cubs.

My answer would of course be, “Yes, I am praying for the Cubs,” but not just for the team’s sake. I think cities tend to pull together when one of their teams* is slated to win big – that’s a good thing for a city. Chicago is in need of some good news, and something to pull us out of the slump that is 2016 so far. The economic divide in our city is growing (one of eight big cities where that’s the case); gun violence is hitting record highs; we barely avoided a Chicago Public School strike; taxes are some of the highest in the nation – you get the point. Again, some good news is welcome. And I like to think that the Cubs’ good news is pulling us together as a city.

Now for a quick reality check before I go full-“Kumbaya” in this post. I know a baseball series isn’t going to fix all the ills of our city. I know many of our problems are multi-faceted, politicized, socio-economic and however many more adjectives you want to stack on them. But the Cubs going to the World Series is something. We’ll come together to watch as groups of fans, as families, as Chicagoans. We’ll watch a bunch of players come together as a team and work toward their common goal.  We’ll see them manage the lows and embrace the highlights. And as the Dodgers demonstrated, we will probably see some poignant lessons about good sportsmanship.

So this is something. Honestly, it’s something we are not getting from the elected leaders who are preparing for the November 8th election. It’s something we don’t get from our everyday lives, either, so hopefully it will move us above our everyday issues. Some think this is something of a miracle. And if the Cubs can go to the World Series (for the first time since 1945), then maybe Chicago can put down the guns for just a few days. And that would be something good.

So, I know this is a lot to put on one baseball series, but like I said, I got to thinking this weekend. If you want to check out the story, here’s the link:

Chicago Catholic students pray for a Cubs win

Go Cubs Go!

*One note here about Chicago baseball. Since Chicago has two teams, the city is often split by which team supports. The Southside tends to root for the White Sox, the Northside tends to pull for the Cubs. This split runs deep, so not everyone in Chicago is celebrating, but I like to think the majority are pleased. And to all the Sox fans out there: it’s okay to cheer – we are all Chicago.