Something New for 11 Months

First, I ran a bit late with my 11 month update. Then, I thought about the increasing challenge of catching the Cricket at rest, with the belly sticker intact, for her photo. So I decided to post this video instead, and try something new. Welcome Cricket to the D-3 Youtube channel!

All apologies for it being a bit shaky, it was shot on a 2 year old phone and the Cricket doesn’t stop moving. Like ever. Okay, enough exaggerating, she does sleep peacefully. Anyway, the video sums up where she is at now. Babbling and gesturing, movin’ and shakin’, just as curious as her sister and man is she cute! We should be able to do something with that hair real soon, it’s finally growing in.

I know things have been quiet here on the detour lately, blame it on summer weather finally arriving in Chicago. We have tried to be out as much as possible. Hopefully you are having as many adventures as we are enjoying. Be safe out there, we’ll see you on the road.

Ten Months of Cricket-tude

The spring has been mild, albeit a bit rainy, here in Chicago. With the temperature sitting in the 60’s and 70’s and a variety of projects around the house it is hard to sit down to write. But I keep having adventures with the girls, so here is the latest.

The Cricket made it to the 10 month mark and is doing well. She is rocking her four front teeth and loves chomping on things (including parents’ fingers). She figured out the crawling gig and is all over the house. Here’s the most common view I get most days.



She is very curious about the world around her and actively seeks to engage with her surroundings. That’s a nice way to say she is “nosy” and “grabby”. And she should be at 10 months old! It is tricky dealing with her sticky fingers, though. As most of you parents know, they are so fast and grab onto things with no warning. Sweetie is learning to deal with the curious little critter. Unfortunately she usually just snatches whatever thing the Cricket has grabbed, not always the best example.

Watcha doin' Papi?

Watcha doin’ Papi?

Things are getting interesting with having Cricket mobile. While she is pulling herself upright on chairs and parents and things, she is not yet walking. Hopefully (but unlikely) she will hold out and give ole’ Dad a break. Official summer is just around the corner, we have an open summer schedule and the weather is beautiful. So our adventures continue.

Necessary distraction

Distraction = Photo

Random thought for Thursday



While trying to fold some diapers today I found myself re-directing the infant child away from my clean piles, the laundry basket and the edges of the bed. I know I would’ve been more successful with her in her play station or on the floor, but I wanted her close so I could speak to her more directly. Instead of speaking I found myself thinking, “why can’t she crawl this great anywhere but on the bed.” Random thought, Cricket cuteness.

Hey 'der

Hey ‘der

9 Months of the Cricket (what?!?)

Time is just flying by, so fast that we completely skipped the 8 month update! Looking back we missed the 4 month also, so it must be a trend. Anyway, here she is:


I know taking the photo with her in the high chair isn’t perfect, but it is containment! Cricket is movin’ and groovin’, although not technically crawling. She has the 360° rotation on both her stomach and her bum, and she pushes herself backward into whatever trouble she wants. Judging by her break dance moves on the changing table, her parents are clearly “children of the 80’s”. The front tooth is still alone, but her gums seem awful sensitive so the second one should be breaking anytime soon. She is gobbling solids like a champ and just started with meat this month (and seems to prefer beef over chicken-my girl!). All is good with her, but we see the doc next week just to get the official word.



This little critter continues to make people smile all around her. We thought Sweetie was a happy baby, but Cricket is raising the bar even higher! I think I have said that before, but with a smile like that, it’s worth repeating. Maybe I should have put an advisory on this post to warn people about all of this cuteness…

Springing back; a growth story

Chicago weather is getting steadily warmer. Yeah, the start of this week looks rainy, but I think we are past the 40º days. The detour is headed for the spring transition! Now is the time of year when everyone starts posting their outdoor pictures. Flowers, yard work, local eateries with outdoor patios, spring adventures, etc. And for us parents that means pictures from the playground.


Back at it..

Back at it..

For Sweetie this is a return to familiar territory – the park. We headed over to our local park and she was right back in the mix. With her being older she blasted over things that she was creeping over last year. Despite her advancement, she is still preferring the full-seat swing. Fun stuff.

This ride is just fine

This ride is just fine

For the Cricket this is like a whole new world. I figure her eyesight and awareness of the world came into focus during the grey winter days. I think her world was the size of our house until just recently. So going to the park for her is a Columbus-like experience. While she is still too young to crawl around on the equipment, she is completely entertained trying to find the thing that is making that chirping sound or watching the kids run around playing. And she will learn all about those swings soon enough.




The social calendar is filling up fast, especially with two of them filling the days. So we’re off! I hope it’s warming up wherever you are. Get out there and enjoy.

7 Month Update

Well I know it’s been a minute since we got a new post up. I can blame one week on a road trip, one week on travel hangover and recovery and one week on…ah…umm…okay, so we’re back. That’s really what’s important right?

In order to ease myself back into the groove I figured I would put up Cricket’s 7 month update photos. I mean, the little ones are really the reason you all visit!


She is doing great, despite daily smash-hugs from her over-zealous older sister. It’s the love, it’s too much for Sweetie to contain! Look at those eyes, that smile – the Cricket is pretty irresistible. BDB and family were visiting the other day for some much-needed play and adult-speak. He confirmed what my inner voice has been telling me – we are in for some trouble with these girls.


Of course Cricket is not without her faults. She is putting everything in her mouth and then drooling on anything near her. This is probably due to the sharp little tooth that just poked through her gums (that’s right, tooth #1!) but I still intend to break her of the random sampling. Or at least curb it while we are outside playing.

So welcome back to us, nice to see you. We are enjoying the warming weather here in the Chi’ and look forward to some consistent spring days. That will start-up some new adventures with the garden and outdoor playtime and all. For now, enjoy the updated pics, there are always more to come.

Cricket’s New Bling

Way back when Sweetie was six months old Wife and I decided to have her ears pierced. I don’t really remember why we decided to have it done at an early age, it may have had something to do with a Mexican tradition of piercing their little girls’ ears at an early age (I’m not sure  I’m going to claim that). What we found was that it was not traumatic and easy to care for the new earrings. Sweetie didn’t touch them or bother with them. So now it’s Cricket’s turn!



We learned that one of the doctor’s at our Pediatrician’s office does the actual piercing, so no mall visit for us. It was all very sterile and safe and a little funny. Wife and I have a history with multiple earrings and body piercings. And while all of them were done in safe and sanitary parlors, none of them were done by a doctor.

At Sweetie’s visit the doctor warned me that she would be the most upset when we held her still to mark her ears. And sure enough, that’s when she screamed. Yeah, she cried a bit when the earring went through, but stopped pretty soon after. The Cricket was the same. She was crying and carrying on when I was holding her arms still to let the doc mark her lobes. As soon as they were pierced and I picked her up – done. Once she could move around freely she didn’t make a peep. I feel confident no emotional damage was done.

So in six weeks she can start wearing all of the great new earrings she was gifted for her Baptism. And in a few years we’ll start worrying about more earrings. And eventually this will spiral into some new craze that all the kids will be doing. Wait, didn’t I say no damage was done?

No sweat!

No sweat!