“When you’ve got so much to say…it’s called gratitude.”

Well, I have a ton to say since Sweetie’s birth.  And I am constantly refining my feelings of gratitude.  So this is where I start to keep track of the people I owe.

To you, the readership of the blogosphere – thanks for stopping by.  I am looking for the conversation where our experiences cross.  Enjoy and drop a line if you are inclined.

To the Peanut Gallery, a.k.a. the friends and family that asked the questions and helped grow this idea – thank you for the outpouring of love that you have shown our family, and for expressing your interest in my blog project.  Your feedback helped drive me through the early stages and helped me move beyond just a “passing interest”.  In particular I have to thank micomadre, an avid blog reader and a woman not afraid to speak her piece.  Her input on this blog shaped some of the format issues when I was stuck.  I appreciate the honesty.  Thanks to you all.

To Captain Jack – my technical advisor, my sounding board and my friend.  While your input and guidance are so important for getting me through the interweb, your friendship is invaluable.  I am so grateful for you in my life and my family’s life.  Thank you.

And of course I need to thank my daughter and my wife.  At six months old Sweetie has no concept of what I am saying to her, but I like to think she understands her father’s gratitude.  Obviously, she is the major inspiration for this blog.  And to my wife, my gratitude starts with the birth of our healthy daughter.  Additionally, she is a supporter of all my monkey-ass ideas while anchoring me to reality.  She is an amazing partner and friend.  Sorry all, you can’t have her, she’s all mine.

In terms of “keeping track of the people I owe” I know the list will continue to grow.  I am reserving the right to continue this list later, after we have had more time out here in the blogosphere.  I am sure there will be more to come, let me think on it a bit…


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