A note on confidentiality

I am writing this page while I am staring at my new Google Home. So that’s my grain of salt to offer with this message. I feel like Orwell would be shocked to find out that Big Brother did not have to force his way into our lives, but that we ushered him on a variety of devices. Two plus two is four! Anyway…

Thanks to the role that G.I. Joe played in my childhood, I use code names for the characters in this blog. For those of you who don’t know, every G.I Joe character had a code name, which made them so much cooler than ordinary people. Now, my friends and family don’t need a code name to make them any more cool, the reality is that I don’t want to identify people unnecessarily. Across my family and friends I see a wide range of internet identities and I want to respect peoples’ opinions on the matter. So code names for everyone!

I write under the name Will Flagg. This is nothing romantic, I was thinking how a flagman (or flag-woman) is the person in a construction zone that directs you on how to navigate a detour. And that’s my role here as the author and the narrator. My wife is simply “Wife” because “Queen Lady Genius Lightning Death Strike” was a bit wordy. Daughter number 1 is referred to as “Sweetie”, because she was when I started this blog. I’m kidding, she still is sweet most of the time. Daughter number 2 is Cricket or The Cricket depending on my mood. When she was born I swore I heard the nurse in the delivery room refer to her as “cricket” and it clicked into place. I am trying to keep the girls’ information contained until they are old enough to create their own online presence.

So if you know me personally, or our family, please help out with this effort and avoid using the girls’ names in your comments.  Thank you for respecting our wishes and cooperating with this decision!

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