This is 9, at our House (#2)

The top of the refrigerator was one of my favorite spots for hiding things that I didn’t want the girls to reach. High enough, out of sight and mind, just a great spot for me. Most recently, I would hide the television remote on top of our fridge as a passive parental control for the girls’ T.V. watching. Imagine my delight to come down to the kitchen one morning to find the following note:

I appreciated Sweetie leaving me this note for a couple of reasons. One, I didn’t need to wonder what happened to the remote I had hidden on the fridge. Two, she “showed me her hand” and reminded me that as she gets older, my hiding spaces need to improve. And three, we need to talk about punctuation. I’m hoping that post script is supposed to read as “No, nothing needed”. I had to smile despite their early morning T.V. binge.

Clearly, I need to look for a better hiding spot for the remote. This is 9 at our house.

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