First 2021 Update

Why, hello Friends,

Just like all of you, I have muddled through the past nine months of pandemic/quarantine/distance learning times. I haven’t written much about it because I feel like it is our common experience. No doubt, our individual experiences vary, but collectively I think we are all “all over the place”. But today it’s time to write again.

Let’s start with the important stuff: we are all healthy and safe. Thank you for your concerns, but Wife, the girls, and I are all doing well. To date, we have spent the majority of the past months at home. We all remain CoVid negative, and are staying healthy (except for gaining a few extra pounds). I hope you and yours are healthy, as well. As I have been saying since March 2020, our health is the most important, the rest is details. Let’s share some of those details…

The girls are back at school, in person, five days a week. The Archdiocese of Chicago mandated all students to learn-from-home for two weeks after the official end of Winter Break. Two weeks to monitor for symptoms or signs of infection. Thankfully, no cases were reported last week after students returned. Overall, the girls are happy to be back with their friends and teachers, especially after two weeks with me at the blackboard. We are pretty well set up for learning at home, but it is just not the same. St. Viator continues to enforce mask and social distancing protocols while announcing new safety measures, like installing air purifiers in the classrooms. Even though we are not back to “normal”, the return to school is a dose of normalcy.

Wife continues to work from home. Since she likes working in an space that is warmer than 64 degrees, she traded her basement setup for her walk-in closet office. That big move was the most excitement since November at her “office”. It’s still nice having her around.

And so, I am here. I have stayed active with the girls’ school as much as possible, mainly through the Marketing and Enrollment Committee. Last year at this time I was looking to return to work. I am having the same thoughts now, and running into the same questions; “What about spring break? What about a summer schedule/day camp? What about a family vacation when this mess clears up (some more)?” I feel like I am going to write more about this later because I have so much more to process.

So that’s us to date. 2021 is starting off fast, but our family unit is feeling good and feeling hopeful. And again, we’re healthy (and grateful for that). Much like last year, I am looking at this blog and wondering where it is headed. With the girls in 1st and 3rd grades, the title is now a bit of a misnomer. Plus, I’ve started checking the “Homemaker” box when it’s available, yet another shift.

Here’s to 2021, friends. We are here, and we hope you are too. I wish you the best as this year unfolds, we all deserve some good stuff after last year! Thank you for checking back in with me and with us, here we go…