R.I.P. The Queen of Soul

Hello friends,

By this time in the day most of you have heard the sad news about Aretha Franklin’s passing. While I haven’t checked the tv, I have listened to reports on all of our radio presets this morning and have seen articles in my news feed as well. Music is in and around our lives, and with the girls’ interest growing it’s a matter of time until they learn about the influence and impact of Aretha Franklin.

A soul music historian on the radio claimed that Aretha Franklin was dubbed, ” The Queen of Soul” right here in Chicago. That’s a cool connection to an amazing artist. And of course there’s her appearance in The Blues Brothers movie, another cool Chicago connection. I don’t known her deeper cuts, but who doesn’t know Aretha Franklin’s hit songs? Spanning generations, her musical legacy is strong.

While Aretha Franklin’s passing makes me sad, her music and story inspire me. From her vocal abilities and songwriting skills to her mandate for African-American musicians being hired for her bands, her influence reaches far. She will definitely be included in the list of strong women, talented artists, and social activists that we teach to our girls. Rest in peace, 1942-2018.

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