“Sweet” Jokes, 4/30/2018

Hello Friends,

I’ve read in other blogs about children developing their sense of humor during their kindergarten year. Now I’m living it.

Earlier this year Sweetie started coming out with a variety of jokes. And to be fair, they were the quality you would expect from a 5-year-old. Lately, she’s been cracking me up, so I decided to share. Here’s tonight’s gem:

Sweetie: “What do you call a dragon that sneezes?”

Me: “Uh, dunno.”

Sweetie: “A dragon-orama!”

And with that she burst into laughter – killin’ it.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Oh, and no worries, I’ll keep sharing!

How Do They Know?

Hello Friends,

Our spring break was last week. We started on the prior Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ( Holy Week), then had the week following Easter for fun. The girls are back in class this week though, and here’s how this Monday morning looked:

Let me dub in the audio of Sweetie’s alarm ringing just feet away from her. I let it go to see how long it would take her to wake up. The punchline here is that Sweetie was up before six a.m. most days over break. Yet come Monday she’s still snoozing away at 6:30. Hence my question in the title, ” How do they know?”

We stayed around town for spring break, didn’t go anywhere special or do anything particular – we’re saving that for the summer. Plus, it was cold!

So why was Sweetie up early every day? And to be clear, if Sweetie got up, nobody was asleep long after. She got the house moving with early morning stomping, yelling to Cricket (to see if she was awake) and generally making a ruckus. We weren’t heading out for adventures, we used break for practical things like doctor visits and grocery shopping. And playing, lots of playing.

This often happens on the weeknds too. We relax the bedtime schedule on Fridays, so the girls often go to bed a little later. But come Saturday they’re up and ready to go…and early. It’s like our girls, or maybe kids in general, know that we aren’t going to have an agenda on Saturday morning. Nothing to structure their time, so they can use it as they want. And with that, they maximize their waking hours. Gotta be.

Well, I hope that your spring break was enjoyable and your return to school easy. And if that sentiment doesn’t really apply to you because you’re not currently growing children, know we still wish you well. We’re gearing up for the spring, even though it’s still not warm (yeah, recent snow here too). And we’re grasping at every bit of sun amd warmth.