Twelve Day Experiment-Day 10

Hello Friends,

Today’s post is a bit mellow and kinda grinchy. So if you’re having a really great day, maybe skip this one, I won’t get upset.

The problem started at a picked-over store where I saw people grabbing things to put under the tree, looking a bit too dazed to put actual thought into the gifts. Then there was this scene with consumers lining up in anticipation of the big-box store opening.

And this ia a typical scene in the minutes before it opens. For some reason it felt all wrong today, reminding me about the bad side of Christmas.

We all know the not-so-great side of Christmas: super-commercialized, mountains of toys, children greedily tearing through paper type of situation. We try hard to steer the girls away from this type of Christmas. It’s hard though.

The girls finished classes and were squirrely this afternoon. At one point Sweetie knocked over, and broke, our Advent calendar. It required some deeps breathes and a few reminders that “accidents happen”. I had a moment of worry that this was a preview of the 25th. But an unfounded worry. Historically, the girls are gracious and behave well enough. Hopefully, we get back in touch with our Christmas spirit and back on the holiday train tomorrow. We could use a fresh dose of “ba-hoo-door-ay” right about now.

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