Twelve Day Experiment-Day 8

Hello Friends,

Does your family have a special December visitor? One who acts as Santa’s emissary and informant, watching from afar and reporting back each night? I know ours does. Our Elf on the Shelf, Evie, arrived two Decembers past. She was able to find us last year when we were at the apartment, undeterred by the temporary move. This year she joined us right as December started, and her elfish hijinks have been entertaining the girls all month.

I distinctly remember my Mother having two elves, one dressed in red, the other on green, that we did place on a shelf in the hall. But those weren’t “elves on a shelf”, they were just decorations. If I was more interested I might research late 70’s Christmas decorations. I think those things were part of the era, much like light-up, ceramic Christmas trees. They certainly weren’t snitches back then.

The girls love Evie though, and don’t really worry about her giving Santa a bad report. They wander around the house each morning before school looking for her, and celebrating her discovery.

So we do the story and talk about the rules and all the stuff. And do I think an “EOTS” is the best deterrent for naughter behavior? No. Do I think ours is steady becoming part of our family Christmas traditions? Yep. So for the time being, Evie is welcome in our home, even if she leaves candy wrapper shrapnel lying around.

The girls haven’t picked up on the difference, but there is no comparing how Wife and I stage Evie. Wife sets a scene, she tells a story, she uses props. I make sure Evie has moved and the girls can’t touch her even if they try. Fun times!

So I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas traditions, both new and old. It’s almost the big day!

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