Happy Valentine’s Day!

Historically, I do not “do” Valentine’s Day. Long ago I bought cheesy trinkets that weren’t all that thought out,  or off-the-shelf random cards. Then Wife and I went through some years where we swore we didn’t celebrate this Hallmark Holiday (while enjoying Filet Minot on 2/14/XX, just like everyday people). Now, though, I do put in some effort.


Nothing says “love” like heart-shaped food!

See, our girls don’t know anything about commercialism and materialism. They know chocolate and pink and hugs. So we had heart-shaped toast for breakfast. The pear slices are…pears slices. But cut with love. And that’s how I’ll show all my girls today that I love them – with food. I have some fun ideas for dinner too, and okay, I admit I got wild so there are some flowers on the table.

I try every day to show my girls, all three of them, that I love them. But today is Valentine’s Day and food is what I’ve chosen to send this year’s “I love you” message. I hope you have a great day, and enjoy showing your loved ones how much you care.

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