We Interrupt This Program…

Yeah, they do that when you don’t pay your registration fees.

can't quite see

Can’t quite see…

So those of you who stopped by on Wednesday may have gotten a screen with just an error message on it. No worries, nothing happened, I just forgot to pay for the next year’s hosting. That’s all, minor oversight…and we went dark.

Really? You didn't pay the bills?

Really? You didn’t pay the bills?

Anyone else out there distracted? Holiday shopping, decorating (going on our fourth day and we’re still not done), visiting with friends and family? Well, just be sure to take some time out for you. Getting us back up and running took one minute, exactly one minute. So make sure you take at least one minute for yourselves.

Ha! Silly Daddy!

Ha! Silly Daddy!

So you’re probably wondering what these pictures of the Cricket have to do with a lapsed registration fee. Honestly, nothing. I just figured I would pepper an otherwise boring post with her pictures. Just gratuitous cuteness. Enjoy.

I love holiday cookies!

I love holiday cookies!


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