Halloween Costume Angst

I enjoy Halloween. Like a lot. But it wasn’t always so. You see, growing up as a slightly nerdy kid with glasses didn’t afford too many costume options. Make-up didn’t work if the characters didn’t wear glasses – sorry vampires, sorry Freddy Kreuger. And of course, masks didn’t work – no werewolves here, bye-bye Jason. Maybe I could’ve gone ’70’s accountant, but I wasn’t that creative back then. But these days things are looking up.

A little better...


There is, of course, the age problem. I was already grown when Harry Potter and company came on the scene. I haven’t read the books and have only seen a few of the movies. So until the girls start reading and get into the stories, this one is a stretch. But there’s some good news that does have a connection to my childhood.

Yeah-who you gonna call?

Yeah-who you gonna call?

I guess the only stretch here is that I look nothing like Chris Hemsworth. We all know that he does not have a “Dad-bod”, and his jawline is pretty great. I like to think I’m a good-looking fella, but I’m no Chris Hemsworth. So my best bet – inspiration from a local mobile phone store.

Eh, not bad.

I can hear that-ha!

So no contest with last year’s costume, but it worked for the St. Viator Halloween Party. I scored a yellow t-shirt at the local Sears and away we went. I’ll be sure to put up a pic of the girls tomorrow. Again, their costumes are not as intense as last year, but they love ’em anyway. Now we just need something to hand out. Hey – hope you’re ready!


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