So Much Cooler if…

This is a case of a technical difficulty stealing my thunder. This picture is from Saturday, but some blip with my Facebook mobile app prevented me from sharing it with you all. Anyway, we’ll use it…



What’s that you ask? Is Sweetie wearing a princess dress? Why yes, she is. This was a family trip to Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream. Wife secured the tickets and we trekked over to the United Center for a little princess/ice skating/sing-song extravaganza. Here’s to cotton candy! So nothing too profound here, just sharing a pic of daughter number 1 and a little bit of our weekend. Hope you all had a good one.

They are still so young that a little princess party is okay. Of course it is a contrast to the real world, but 15 years ago the girls weren’t part of this world or ours. They have plenty of time to learn and they will, so for now its cotton candy and princess stories. We remember.


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