Random Thought for Thursday: Time for Scares-St. Viator Haunted House

Growing up I wasn’t too keen on haunted houses. If you asked my friends, particularly the members of my Boy Scout Troop, they would probably remember that in the 4th grade I ran out of a haunted house crying. And they probably wouldn’t remember me going to another one again. Because I didn’t go into another haunted house for eight years, until I was 18. That time I was more distracted by the screaming of the people in our group and more scared that they would pull me backwards that I forgot I was supposed to be scared of the attractions. But, that blip of haunted house courage didn’t convince me to start visiting the various “professional” haunted houses. No different now.

No, no, this year I have two little girls to worry about, and a family “costume” to try to execute. But I will be spending one night at a local haunted house. You see, Sweetie’s school does an annual haunted house as a fundraising event. There is a long history of the church hosting it, originally running through the church basement and boiler room (I know, right?!?), and now the school keeps it going on the second floor of the rec center. So Wife and I are each going to work a night helping out however they need (this is only our first year).

So if you are looking for a scare, but aren’t up for a house filled with professional actors, think about hittin’ up the St. Viator Haunted House. The school is on Addison, about a mile west of 90/94, so it is accessible. It runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, this week and next. The coordinators rate it “PG”, and they discourage children under 10. Check the deets below. C’mon Halloween!


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