I love you more than…

We have added this sweet little script to our nighttime routine: Wife and I will tell Sweetie how much we love her by quantifying our love in easy-to-understand, relate-able measures. Sweetie then returns the sentiment. So as we are wrapping up a day we will tell her something like, “I love you more than ice cream.” And then we’ll get back, “I love you more than windows.”

It’s all very fun, and it can be touching at times. And not that we are in competition, but the other night Wife brought down the house with,” I love you more than red tic-tacs.” Apparently this is an allusion to a new addition to their morning drop-off routine. Regardless, Sweetie was blown away by the depth of her mother’s affection.

I completely expect that Sweetie is enamored with Wife and I. We feed her, clothe her, bathe her – she should love us. And there will be a time when she does not love us. Or at least she won’t admit it. And I am okay with that, I am fully planning on butting heads with this little girl during her teen years. But it is her love for her younger sister that has me guessing.

It takes time to love a sibling, right? I mean, the videos of 2 year-old kids loving their newborn siblings have to be coached. From what I’ve seen they can’t be real. Either that or our older daughter is mean-spirited and slow-to-love. Or she has just taken a while to appreciate her younger sister. But that is changing.

More and more we are seeing Sweetie acting nicely towards her sister. She still takes away toys, or hides the ones she wants to play with. But I think she is giving out less choke-holds and not pushing the Cricket nearly as much. I think.

Now here’s the proof: Sweetie has taken to climbing into Cricket’s crib in the morning. It started with door duty, where Sweetie had to be the one to open the room. But now it has escalated. That’s got to be a good sign right? I mean, c’mon, “I love you more than my personal safety, so I climb the crib side to hang out with you”? That’s some sibling stuff going on there.


Who knows, but it is some cute stuff. Sweetie seems pleased with her climbing accomplishment, and Cricket is too happy with her visitor. It might take some more years to fully develop, but maybe this is a step towards “I love you more than anyone else.”


One thought on “I love you more than…

  1. How could anyone NOT love Cricket?!?

    Maybe it just took a little time for Sweetie to realize that Crickets existence ADDS to the overall love in your home and not (as i THINK i suspect a two year old brain might think) a competition for that overall love….

    does that even make sense?

    anyway, it really is nice to see sweetie being nice to her.

    they’ll be tight ass ticks in no time…..

    until their teens of course….

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