Random Thought for Thursday: Google Maps Famous

Whether covertly or overtly, many people these days want to achieve fame on the interwebs. YouTube famous, Instagram famous, Facebook famous, etc. – I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the next meme? And once you break out, who knows how far you can go. Grumpy Cat’s upcoming movie is just one example of how far internet fame can take you.

We recently discovered that we are Google Maps famous. Wife and I were checking into some things and decided to check the street view of our house. Lo and behold, me and Sweetie loadin’ the stroller. Ironically, a couple of days later a childhood friend sent a message saying he saw us while looking up our zip code. And so our trending begins…

Hey look...us!

Hey look…us!

Yep, that’s our little bungalow, rain barrel and all. I did crop out the hotrod Versa sitting on the curb. There is only so much of us you can cram into one photo.

I am thinking that I will start a group for other people captured by the little Google cars. We are a community too! Really I get just a bit creeped out by the fact that I didn’t realize they were driving past capturing the street view. Thankfully I wasn’t dancing in front of the window.

So there it is, Google Maps Famous. Are you street view famous too? Let me know in the comments!

Steppin’ Out

The Cricket is making her way toward her next developmental milestone. Actually moving. That’s right interweb, it’s time for another toddling video!

She has been walking along with the furniture for a while now. But about two weeks ago she started “free-standing” a bit. Then she progressed to a couple of steps. And now it is a matter of growing her confidence and going!

I am sure you are all blown away by her cuteness – the drunken sailor walk is cute at their size. But don’t be fooled. No, really, watch out world. You’ve been warned.

I love you more than…

We have added this sweet little script to our nighttime routine: Wife and I will tell Sweetie how much we love her by quantifying our love in easy-to-understand, relate-able measures. Sweetie then returns the sentiment. So as we are wrapping up a day we will tell her something like, “I love you more than ice cream.” And then we’ll get back, “I love you more than windows.”

It’s all very fun, and it can be touching at times. And not that we are in competition, but the other night Wife brought down the house with,” I love you more than red tic-tacs.” Apparently this is an allusion to a new addition to their morning drop-off routine. Regardless, Sweetie was blown away by the depth of her mother’s affection.

I completely expect that Sweetie is enamored with Wife and I. We feed her, clothe her, bathe her – she should love us. And there will be a time when she does not love us. Or at least she won’t admit it. And I am okay with that, I am fully planning on butting heads with this little girl during her teen years. But it is her love for her younger sister that has me guessing.

It takes time to love a sibling, right? I mean, the videos of 2 year-old kids loving their newborn siblings have to be coached. From what I’ve seen they can’t be real. Either that or our older daughter is mean-spirited and slow-to-love. Or she has just taken a while to appreciate her younger sister. But that is changing.

More and more we are seeing Sweetie acting nicely towards her sister. She still takes away toys, or hides the ones she wants to play with. But I think she is giving out less choke-holds and not pushing the Cricket nearly as much. I think.

Now here’s the proof: Sweetie has taken to climbing into Cricket’s crib in the morning. It started with door duty, where Sweetie had to be the one to open the room. But now it has escalated. That’s got to be a good sign right? I mean, c’mon, “I love you more than my personal safety, so I climb the crib side to hang out with you”? That’s some sibling stuff going on there.


Who knows, but it is some cute stuff. Sweetie seems pleased with her climbing accomplishment, and Cricket is too happy with her visitor. It might take some more years to fully develop, but maybe this is a step towards “I love you more than anyone else.”


Random Thought for Thursday: It’s Picture Day!

This school gig is downright inspirational! There is so much to write about. Really, it’s a whole new chapter for the detour. I promise I will keep the pictures of me to a minimum, they have just been so fitting! Once again, this is from my PreK-3:

Now you know

Now you know

And that introduces Sweetie’s big excitement: today was her first picture day! I know, I know, “What is so random about picture day?” I mean, it only happens to every school kid in America. Every year. Whether they are ready for it or not. No, it has nothing to do with picture day, but rather with my conversation with Sweetie this morning, before picture day. Wife had done Sweetie’s hair up all nice, and put her in a cute dress (see below).

Me: “Oh, your hair looks so nice, and you look so pretty in your dress.”

Sweetie: “Oh Papi, you look just so beautiful in your shirt, and (pause) pants.”

Mind you, this is 7 a.m., no coffee, no shower, no shave, and said shirt and pants were from yesterday (my morning routine happens after Wife and Sweetie leave). Children are blinded by their love for their parents.

Not the official pic, but still pretty

Not the official pic, but still pretty