Random Thought For Thursday: TBT from Me?!?

I have been avoiding the “TBT” trend for a while now. Mainly because this blog is supposed to center around the girls and throw backs go to a time before them. But I am also not a follower of the trends and habits of the “socials”. I don’t know selfie etiquette, I seldom photograph my meals and I have never broadcast my location in real-time. I have yet to send a tweet and have never watched a vine. So throwing back has not been a high priority for me. The TBT idea works with my “Random Thought” theme though, as it’s just as random as the things my 3 year-old says. And many times also just as cute.

But hold on tight, folks. This week is different with Sweetie starting school and all. Since she is starting a  new adventure, I am going to try something new too. So here is my TBT In honor Sweetie’s first week of Pre K-3:


Yep, this is a picture from my PreK-3 class, circa 1980. Can you find the 3 year-old Flagman? If not, don’t fret, Wife couldn’t either. Looking back to this photo, I realized I didn’t see many of these folks after Kindergarten. Oh well, maybe Sweetie’s ride will be different.

Oh, I just want to take a second to thank everyone for the kind comments to Tuesday’s post. So far this school thing is going off without a hitch. And without a tear! But it is still nice to read supportive, caring comments for my girl. I hope your new school adventures are going just as well.

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