Random Thought For Thursday: TBT from Me?!?

I have been avoiding the “TBT” trend for a while now. Mainly because this blog is supposed to center around the girls and throw backs go to a time before them. But I am also not a follower of the trends and habits of the “socials”. I don’t know selfie etiquette, I seldom photograph my meals and I have never broadcast my location in real-time. I have yet to send a tweet and have never watched a vine. So throwing back has not been a high priority for me. The TBT idea works with my “Random Thought” theme though, as it’s just as random as the things my 3 year-old says. And many times also just as cute.

But hold on tight, folks. This week is different with Sweetie starting school and all. Since she is starting a  new adventure, I am going to try something new too. So here is my TBT In honor Sweetie’s first week of Pre K-3:


Yep, this is a picture from my PreK-3 class, circa 1980. Can you find the 3 year-old Flagman? If not, don’t fret, Wife couldn’t either. Looking back to this photo, I realized I didn’t see many of these folks after Kindergarten. Oh well, maybe Sweetie’s ride will be different.

Oh, I just want to take a second to thank everyone for the kind comments to Tuesday’s post. So far this school thing is going off without a hitch. And without a tear! But it is still nice to read supportive, caring comments for my girl. I hope your new school adventures are going just as well.

Joining the mass

Like so many of you out there, we sent our child to her first day of school today. That’s right, Sweetie is off to Pre-K!

Wife and the girls

Wife and the girls

The school is smart about this, so last week there was a welcome open-house type event. Today, parents hung out to see the morning routine. So Tuesday is the technical first “drop-off and leave” day of school. Kind of convoluted, but at this age it makes sense.


Sweetie is keen on the school idea. The classroom is full of toys, craft supplies, posters, games and most importantly, books. Her teacher roped the kids right in and had them learning basic manners and good classroom behavior right off the bat. This is gonna be good.

Mmmm,. books

Mmmm,. books

Sweetie has some playground buddies attending the school as well. And thankfully, her first friend is also in her class. That’s right, Linda is right there with her! They are actually seated at the same, all-girl, “super-power” table. The teacher had no way of knowing what kind of situation that would create, but “Team Trouble” should make things interesting. And wow, to think we met this little one when she was just 8 months old!

Always good to have a friend close

Always good to have a friend close

So now Sweetie joins the educated class. If all goes well, she will be at this school until she is ready for high school. She is also paving the way for the Cricket who will join this melee two years from now. And we join the masses of parents who post photos of their childs’ first day of school. Oh yeah, and put the sign in our yard. Oh boy…

Yeah, that's in my yard

Yeah, that’s my yard