Random Thought for Thursday: 3 year old logic

Over the past week Sweetie has been dealing with a summer cold. Nothing major, one day of low-grade fever and a bunch of boogers. So it’s really more of an inconvenience than an illness. Still, Wife and I have been pushing plenty of fruit, food, liquids and rest. Little did I know that my 3-year-old knew how to heal herself. Here’s how it went down the other morning:

Me: “Take some water, Sweetie.”

Sweetie: “Umm, no.”

Me: “Have some oatmeal honey” (with fresh-cut apple bits and cranberries cooked up in there).

Sweetie: “Umm, no.”

Me: “Drink a little orange juice.”

Sweetie: “Umm, no”

And so went breakfast. She did eat some of her oatmeal and sip some orange juice. And when she saw me drinking some water she asked for some. But the medical miracle came shortly after  breakfast.

Sweetie: “Daddy, I talk some Spanish and now I’m all better.”

Me: “You spoke some Spanish and now you’re feeling better?”

Sweetie: “Yep.”

Me: “Oh, um, okay. Here, have some water.”

So there you have it folks, the 3-year-old logic that kicked a summer cold. I can’t really prescribe it, Spanish might not be your kid’s thing. But apparently it was Sweetie’s. 3-year-old logic – yet another thing that only a parent can appreciate.

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