Cricket’s New Bling

Way back when Sweetie was six months old Wife and I decided to have her ears pierced. I don’t really remember why we decided to have it done at an early age, it may have had something to do with a Mexican tradition of piercing their little girls’ ears at an early age (I’m not sure  I’m going to claim that). What we found was that it was not traumatic and easy to care for the new earrings. Sweetie didn’t touch them or bother with them. So now it’s Cricket’s turn!



We learned that one of the doctor’s at our Pediatrician’s office does the actual piercing, so no mall visit for us. It was all very sterile and safe and a little funny. Wife and I have a history with multiple earrings and body piercings. And while all of them were done in safe and sanitary parlors, none of them were done by a doctor.

At Sweetie’s visit the doctor warned me that she would be the most upset when we held her still to mark her ears. And sure enough, that’s when she screamed. Yeah, she cried a bit when the earring went through, but stopped pretty soon after. The Cricket was the same. She was crying and carrying on when I was holding her arms still to let the doc mark her lobes. As soon as they were pierced and I picked her up – done. Once she could move around freely she didn’t make a peep. I feel confident no emotional damage was done.

So in six weeks she can start wearing all of the great new earrings she was gifted for her Baptism. And in a few years we’ll start worrying about more earrings. And eventually this will spiral into some new craze that all the kids will be doing. Wait, didn’t I say no damage was done?

No sweat!

No sweat!

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