It’s a Cricket at 6 months

Step right up and get your fix! Here’s a little Cricket who just celebrated six months in our lives. That’s right, the honor is all hers…ha, ha. Exciting day here on the detour. We enjoyed yet another quick well-check with the doc today. And when I say “enjoyed” that means today’s celebration included my first Coca-Cola of 2015, Dunkin’ Donuts in the late P.M., and a thank you to the Universe for my family’s continued health. Hey, I have no probably showin’ out for my family, but I will always be sure to stay grateful. So here she is today:



As you can see by the pose, she is getting more active. These monthly shots are going to be more and more tricky to capture, but we’ll keep on! So nothing too profound to add here, just a good day with my girls. I hope yours was good too.

I love photo shoots!

I love photo shoots!

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