Career option: Bobsled Team (?!?)

In the Sochi Olympics there seemed to be an influx of female athletes new to winter games, particularly to the sliding events. In particular, the track and field athletes were finding a good fit with the bobsled. Maybe our girls could become a part of the female bobsled legacy…



In order to make a living they would have to be good enough to win. But I think they are cute enough to land some sponsorship deals. I mean, c’mon, I like Wheaties. And a sister team? What a great story-I can see the photo montage now.

On the upside, we would always know where they are, even if that is some country across the globe. Unfortunately, there is that whole belief about Olympians being promiscuous. Ah hell. Oh yeah, and then there’s the possibility of a high-speed crash. Huh.

What?!? Gold?!?

What?!? Gold?!?

Thankfully we still have some time before they decide what they want to be when they grow up.

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