5 month Update

Once again it is Cricket’s time in the spotlight. I think the 4 month pictures were lost in the holiday shuffle. I have no doubt that you have been hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for the update. Isn’t that what every parent blogger thinks?

Cricket is doing great at 5 months. Still the typical drooling, pooping, squirmy lil’ monster. Cricket is a happy baby, though, smiling most of the time and at most people. Wife and I joke that it will be a sad day when life invades her little happy-bubble world. She has started rolling over which is very exciting for all of us. She also has quiet the grabby-hands. Again, exciting and definitely keeps us on our toes. She is sleeping through the night more often, so we are getting more sleep in recent nights. Big bonus there.


Next month should be even more exciting. We are looking forward to piercing Cricket’s ears (we also had Sweetie’s done at 6 months), her baptism (humorously on Valentine’s Day) and a well-check that goes smoothly. Hopefully the doc will clear her to start solids, which is always a funny time. So until then (and because we are distracted by Chicago’s bitter cold snap), stay warm out there folks.

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