For anyone stuck inside because of the low temperature and wind chill it is probably a little strange to see us celebrating the snow here on the detour. Yeah, well, in the moment we were excited for it.

Strange weather in Chicago this year. Heck, even California got snow before we did. We have had Sweetie prepared since October with Sorel boots, a winter coat and snow pant outfit, ski-quality mittens (okay, I went overboard at REI with that one). So we’ve been ready and waiting.

Geared up!

Geared up!

And it finally came! Yeah, with all of the associated cold and mess. But it wouldn’t be winter in Chicago without snow. Sweetie plodded around the yard while I cleaned up the sidewalks. Then I rewarded her by dragging her around the block in her sled. Not everyone in the neighborhood is as diligent about their sidewalks as we are, so it was cool runnings.

Good times

Good times

And now we’re trapped inside with 2 degree temperature and a windchill of -20. Sheesh. Thankfully, the snow stayed out of our way for the holidays and all of the shuttling around town. And hopefully it will warm up enough to drop a little bit more. The shoveling exercise does this Dad good. Stay warm out there folks!

So worth it!

So worth it!

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