Happy Holidays!

From our family here on the ‘Detour – Happy Holidays!

Our holiday greeting is either late because Thanksgiving is over, or early because Christmas is yet to come. Really, it’s a matter of perspective, as are so many things when children are involved. I hope the stay-at-home Dads can back me on that. Heck, I hope all parents can back me on that.

Big thanks to Sister Younger-Older for hosting a heck of a Thanksgiving. Take some good food, throw in some family time, add plenty of room to stretch out, and top it off with a little fresh black coffee and we had a good day. The fallout has lasted all weekend, with nap schedules and appetites all over the place, but it was worth it. And it gave Wife and I a good excuse to keep the house, the entire house, in pajamas all day Friday.

We have continued our weekend with family visits and some work around the house, just staying close to home. Tomorrow we top it off with family photos and possibly placing the order for our Christmas card. While this may seem pedestrian and boring, it easily bests the “real life” that we go back to on Monday. Wife will go back to work and we will shift back into routine. But like Thursday’s meal, I am walking away from of all this family time feeling satiated and satisfied. Feeling good and ready for the holidays (Christmas shopping, what?!?).

So welcome to the holidays, folks. I hope you had a good couple of days over this long weekend. I hope you enjoyed a little bit of everything that makes you feel good. There’s so much more to come, but if it follows this weekend’s trend it’s going to be a good holiday season.

AGH! Happy Thanksgiving!

AGH! Happy Thanksgiving!

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