$10 Mo’ Campaign

As many of you have read I have been growing a moustache for the Movember annual fundraising event. The monies go toward combating men’s cancers (testicular and prostate) and supporting men’s mental health concerns. We are well into the month and the mo’ is looking pretty sweet (okay, it’s no Frank Reagan, but still). The fundraising has plateaued though.

Mo' inspiration

Mo’ inspiration

So I am launching the $10 Campaign. Up to this point my Movember fundraising has been word-of-mouth, open, organic and maybe not as effective as it could be. I have been donating $10 to the men who have joined the D-3 Do-Betters to support their membership.I found that $10 was a manageable number. So I am reaching out to you, my readership, to ask for your specific support for a good cause. Check out my mo space page here and donate your $10! You can use your credit card (hey, it’s more secure than shopping at Target or Home Depot!).

Of course I timed this pitch for the week of Thanksgiving. Of course I am hoping to tug some heartstrings out there. Of course I hate to ask for money as much as anyone else. But of course I also hate to say good-bye to loved ones because they suffer from health issues that we can fight against. Please join me in this effort. Big thanks to the people who have already donated (and exceeded $10)! And if you feel comfortable doing so, re-post this message to spread mo’ love across the interwebs!

Made in Movember

Made in Movember

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