Happy Movember 1st!

Now that Halloween fun is over (and more on that adventure later), it is time again for Movember – the moustache-growing, fundraising, awareness-raising, men’s-cancer battling movement. Well today is Grow Day #1. Here’s how I am starting the month:

Mo Day 1

Mo Day 1

Over the next month my upper lip will be graced with a moustache to inspire donations and start conversations about men’s cancer issues and men’s mental health concerns. If you are so inspired, please visit my Movember page here and make a donation. You may have seen my earlier post about the “Do-Betters“, the team that I am captaining. If you are willing to grow a moustache (regardless of its density), please consider joining our ranks and this year’s effort. You can also donate to the team there. Be assured updates will come through the blog and the D-3 Facebook page.

The motivations for joining the Movember movement vary by Mo Bro, and support varies by Mo Sister. All of the forms of participation matter, and the support is appreciated, no matter what form that takes. This morning the angle on men’s health that I felt most acutely was a family angle. Men who want families need to take care of themselves. Honestly, without my guys, I wouldn’t have my girls.

Grow, Daddy, Grow!

Grow, Daddy, Grow!

One thought on “Happy Movember 1st!

  1. great cause, good job, but where are the handle bars.

    though technically a soul patch is facial hair…..

    i’m going to need a ruling.

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